Molière's 'Tartufo' arrives at Cuyás on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth

Molière's 'Tartufo' arrives at Cuyás on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth

From left to right, Francisco Bravo de Laguna, island director of Culture, the actors Paco Déniz and Pepe Viyuela and Gonzalo Ubani, artistic director of the theatre. / alexander quevedo/whose

The work of the French playwright is exhibited tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, April 30, at the theater in the capital of Gran Canaria, at 7:30 p.m.

The Cuyás stage will show this weekend the classic 'Tartufo' by the French playwright Molière, directed on this occasion by Ernesto Caballero, and performed by the well-known
comedian from Logroño Pepe Viyuela.

Viyuela, who will perform at the island venue tomorrow, Friday and Saturday,
at 7:30 p.m.presented the production this morning together with his co-star, Paco Déniz from Gran Canaria, the island's director of Culture, Francisco Bravo Laguna, and the theater's artistic director, Gonzalo Ubani.

“This is going very well for us.
back to full capacitywithout masks, for theatrical shows,” commented Ubani, who is hopeful with the great attendance of the public in the remainder of the season and that reminds him of pre-pandemic times.

Because of
400th anniversary of Moliere's birththis proposal by Ernesto Caballero, represented for the first time in verse, arrives at Cuyás with the intention of highlighting the criticism of deception and appearance that "very often" accompany human beings wherever they go.

«Molière is very relevant in our present. He was able to represent ever since
hypocrisy and falsehoodso present today through social networks, "added Viyuela, who plays Tartufo.

And Machiavelli already said it, "everyone sees what it seems, but few feel what you are", and how right he was.

In 'Tartuffe', the bourgeois Orgón falls under the influence of a false devotee who seeks to keep all the assets of the wealthy. The impostor, Tartuffe,
exaggerates his devotion to become spiritual director of Orgon whose daughter he intends to marry. Not satisfied with that, he also tries to seduce her benefactor's second wife, Elmira, much younger than her husband.

Not content with that, the character played by Viyuela will try to throw Orgon out of his own house, even resorting to the king who, finally, orders the fraud's arrest.

"In the background,
Orgon was an honest manwith good principles, what happens is that the North loses because of Tartufo”, added the Canarian Paco Déniz.

A father who goes from being a victim to an executioner, manipulated by a rogue who intends to keep everything around him, including his family. “In many moments of the show, there is a
game of appearancesis the starting point of this work”, said the artist.

Through comedy, this montage will remind us of the power of manipulation and
human vulnerability.

«There is a game of points of view within the work. Especially in the staging of Viyuela”, commented Déniz. The French author introduces the formula of theater within theater, opening up many space-time possibilities, which make the viewer consider the parallel discourse of reality or fiction.

Pepe Viyuela: "Returning to the island is a reason to celebrate for me"

Pepe Viyuela returns to the stage at the Gran Canaria venue after the success of last year with '
Waiting for Godot' by Samuel Beckett. "Returning to the island is a reason to celebrate for me," added the actor during the presentation of Ernesto Caballero's montage, where he assumes the leading role.

The actor, grateful for the role he has had to play on this occasion, highlighted the ease of interpreting this role "that almost walks alone" as it is a character so well constructed by the French playwright. Moliere
was acomedy genius. She had a lot of powers of observation. He analyzed the behavior of people and then recreated it in his characters, "said the actor.

In addition, it added the opportunity offered by the theater, by being able to abound in the characters. «
I really enjoy theater projects. In film or television, the characters are canned from beginning to end », he commented.

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