Moleiro: "We must take the pressure off our backpacks and talk less about the playoffs"

Alberto Moleiro, in Barranco Seco. / udlp

The pearl of UD Las Palmas analyzes the complicated situation of the team, which is sinking in the qualifying table, in his first public appearance

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

Alberto Moleiro, who this season made the definitive leap to the UD Las Palmas first team with Pepe Melanalyzes the complex situation of the team at perhaps the most critical moment of the course, eight points behind the sixth-placed team and
in full sinking in the qualifying table.

Despite offering brushstrokes of a total footballwhich make him one of the players to watch in the club's immediate future, even
He has not finished settling in the starting eleven. Neither with Pepe Mel nor with García Pimienta. But
the talented player hopes to find that consistency with work.

"I think that
we can get into the playoff and we will give everything for it. We think of Valladolid. We are very well and the dynamic is going to change. Everything will be seen », explained the young youth squad, who still believes that getting into the ointment is possible, in what was his first press appearance.

"It was breathed that
we had to suffer and I personally thought we were going to get it out. We knew what had to be done and that there were colleagues who could help us, but in the end it was not like that », she clarified about the talk at the break last day.

Rafa knows what he did wrongbut it is a set of the game that he did not control, "he said about the action of Mujica's expulsion, which clearly conditioned the future of the match against Girona.

“We have players to make up for the casualties in Pucela and none of them is essential.
We must take off the pressure in the backpack and talk less about the playoff »Moleiro analyzed.

As for his position on the field,
He acknowledged that he is more "comfortable" in the "midfielder" and that he still has "many things to improve, such as the shots, the goal or the calm in the last meters".

I always want to be a starter with Las Palmas and also with the national team. You can't be on both sides. Nothing happens and I am always proud to be called up by the national team », he said about his new call-up with the under-19s and that he is absent for the league match against Leganés.

“We have a lot of talent and we just need to push a little more. If it is not giving us it is for something and we must think about things.
I am convinced that we are going to get involved. It will happen"insisted the man from Tenerife.

«I heard that they were going to make me a professional file and I don't care if I have it or not, what I want is to play and I am very happy», He commented on the fact of not having a number with the first team.

"Always proud to be talked about"

"Thinking about other teams is wrong right now because we are not in the best situation, but
always proud to talk about you«exposed on the interest of clubs like the FC Barcelona by him.

Mel and Pimienta are two very great trainers.. We are happy with Xavi, they are not the best results or the ones we want, but they will come”, concluded the island playmaker.

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