October 22, 2020

Moisés Naim says that populism affects countries like the US o United Kingdom

The columnist, writer and former Minister of Venezuelan Development Moisés Naim warned Thursday from Guatemala that populism is not an ideology and that, contrary to what is thought, not only affects "banana republics", but also exists in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

In a paper in which he deepened about this evil that is based on "social polarization and post-truth" in order to "maintain power", Naim said that in addition to being promoted by leaders such as Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa and Los Perón in Argentina has also been used by US President Donald Trump and those who defend the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union.

Populist countries, he emphasized, have in common "a charismatic leader who takes advantage of the situation that contributes daily to divide society between 'you and them" https://www.eldiario.es/ "and usually use strategies of" internal enemies "in order to take their opponents to jail.

Even one of President Trump's main slogans at the time was "lock her up," recalled the Venezuelan investigator in reference to former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But just as there are internal enemies for Trump, he has also made use of the figure of the "external enemy" and through that category have passed "the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Central Americans", in addition to that "very associated with that is the militarization of the solutions, not as a national defense, but as part of the political struggle. "

Naim stressed the danger that exists in the world today in the face of this polarization that occurs for different reasons, from "religious, ideological, rich and poor issues, regionalisms, cities and countryside, nationalism", then "each country is polarized in its own way. "

In this era of post-truth, Naim defended the importance of freedom of the press and the paradigm of the information age, distrust of institutions and the "carelessness" of many people by sharing any type of information without further analysis. .

He regretted that the polarization caused the United Kingdom, Israel and Spain, countries with high economic levels, freedom of the press and development "not to form a government", due to the "division of their societies that have flown to the ungovernable countries", to in spite of being countries "of many years of history".

That same dilemma occurs in countries that are not rich, such as "Thailand, Kenya, Italy, Venezuela" and even in "Peru and Ecuador at this time and even to some extent in Colombia" because there is a "polarization epidemic."

That polarized and populous atmosphere is largely based by politicians like Trump, said Naim, who "has told today more than 12,000 lies."

And the problem is that "there are other world leaders who follow (the American president." More than "50 presidents or prime ministers of the world have used the term 'false news' and have done so to pass laws that limit freedom of expression ", lament.

Moisés Naim also advocated citizen empowerment, a right that "ends up being very expensive" and complicated, when "populists and autocrats are nourished by careless, uninformed and apathetic inhabitants."

Finally, to conclude in his presentation at the National Meeting of Entrepreneurs 2019 of Guatemala, he said that for the Central American country it is a "very positive" moment, an opportunity to "fight against international bad reputation", with the comprehensive approach and on issues "of nation", such as the fight against malnutrition and strengthening the justice sector.

"We know the tragedy that this country has lived, of war, hard policies, misery and malnutrition, which is a shame for Guatemala," which, however, "in the 21st century has a solution," well, "countries much less institutionalized have solved that problem. "

The requirement, both to combat populism, division and structural problems in Guatemala and in the world, said Naim, is "the truth," but for that "you have to know who says it and who lies."

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