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Mohamed VI receives the Kings twice

Mohamed VI recibe dos veces a los Reyes

Double reception in Rabat and with the royal family in full. Although an official welcome ceremony was planned in the Méchouar square, the central esplanade of the royal palace grounds, the King Mohamed VI has had the personal deference of going also to wait for the Kings at the bottom of the ladder of the plane where they have reached Morocco coming from Madrid.

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The monarch, who has received with two kisses who can be considered his cousin, given that their respective parents, Hassan II and Juan Carlos I, always treated as brothers, has reinforced those ties by going to the airport with his whole family: his children, the heir, Mulay Hassan, 15, and Princess Khadija, 11; and his four brothers: the princesses Meriem, Hasna and Asma and the prince Rachid with his wife, Oum Boufares. The presence of the royal family has confirmed the absence of the official life of Princess Salma, the still wife of King Mohamed in the absence of confirmation of a divorce that has never been announced. The kings have arrived in the Moroccan capital after five o'clock in the afternoon to start his first state visit to the neighboring country in which they already were, in trip of presentation, the month of July of 2014, to penalties a few weeks after the relief in the throne.


Thousands of people have welcomed King Philip and Queen Letizia

From the airport to the center of Rabat, the official delegation has circulated on a route marked by flags of Morocco and Spain and, from the entrance to the capital, they have received, in addition, the greeting of thousands of people who flanked the central avenue provided with small flags and, in the case of women, uttering the typical songs of celebration that they emit by moving their tongues. The King has traveled in a Mercedes limousine accompanied by Mohamed VI, his son Mulay Hassan and his brother, Mulay Rachid, while the Queen, in another limousine, has made the journey from the airport to the royal palace with Princess Khadija and two of the sisters of the Moroccan king.

The unforeseen welcome has not eclipsed the planned one and the Méchouar square has been covered with red carpets, the color of the flag and emblem of Morocco. The interpretation of the two national anthems has been preceded by the shooting of salutes of honor, after which both monarchs have reviewed the troops while the Queen, accommodated on a platform covered with a white canopy on the outside and red inside, waited accompanied by the crown prince, the daughter and sisters and brother of King Mohamed.

The Queen Letizia She has chosen a gray woolen coat dress that has contrasted with the outfits of the sisters and the sister-in-law of the King of Morocco, dressed in French signature trouser suits. Among all the little Kadijha has highlighted with a red dress and following the directions of his aunt Meriem protocol.

Visit to Morocco

Five ministers with the Kings

With the Kings they have traveled five ministers: Foreign, Josep Borrell; Inside, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; Industry, Reyes Maroto; farming, Luis Planas; and Culture, José Guirao who attend the signing of the thirteen bilateral agreements that have been ratified as a result of the visit and that make references to strategic alliances in the fight against crime; electrical interconnection of both countries; improvement in the security and customs device in the passage of the Strait; collaboration for the exchange of exhibitions in different museums; the donation of Spain to Morocco from the Cervantes theater in Tangier and the collaboration of the stock markets.

The first day of the visit closes tonight with a gala dinner that Mohamed VI, accompanied again, his son and heir, Mulay Hassan, and his brothers Lalla Meriem Lalla Asma, Lalla Hasna and Mulay Rachid, offers to the Reyes and the Spanish delegation in the main hall of the royal palace, a display of music and food according to the traditional hospitality of the Arab peoples.

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