May 30, 2020

Mohamed VI of Morocco pardons 483 people for the end of Ramadan

King Mohamed VI of Morocco today granted his grace to 483 people, convicted in different courts of the country, on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of “Eid al Fitr”, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, reported in a communicated the Moroccan Ministry of Justice.

The actual decision ranges from full pardons on the pending sentences of confinement (some with maintenance of the fine payment) to reduced sentences or the exemption of fines imposed by the Justice.

The note indicated that among the 483 pardoned by Mohamed VI are 378 detainees and another 105 people who were sentenced to pay fines or tried on probation.

The statement does not specify whether there are any prisoners for political crimes – for example, fifty-fifty prisoners from the Rifano Hirak movement – whose release is a recurring claim by human rights activists and even political parties.

The Alawite monarch is accustomed to grant pardons during the country’s most important national and religious holidays, but sometimes he does not follow any specific holiday.

On April 5, the sovereign pardoned a total of 5,654 prisoners, an unprecedented number in the country, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Moroccan prisons, which suffer from a chronic problem of overpopulation.


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