September 19, 2020

Modric: "We lack Christian; some players had to have taken a step forward "| sports

Modric: "We lack Christian; some players had to have taken a step forward "| sports

One day before the Real Madrid play confirming the season as the biggest failure of the last five years, Luka modric he openly recognized in the Valdebebas press room what President Florentino Pérez and his entourage were most afraid to hear from one of the players. First, the Croatian said that Madrid accuses the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo; and second, that the players that the club had entrusted to take a step forward have not fulfilled the task.

Of first, Modric justified the setback pointing to lack of continuity and the absence of goal. "We started the season very well, and then we entered a phase where we lost two or three games, and then again, our problem is lack of continuity and, obviously, a lack of goal as well," he said.

Until then nothing new, as Sergio Ramos, Dani Carvajal and even Santiago Solari had pointed to the lack of force and players with a sense of smell as a reason for the defeats against Barcelona. The bomb exploded when they questioned him about Cristiano. The costumes miss the production of the Portuguese and considers that they are in this situation due to the absence of their goals. Keylor recognized it five months ago. "You can not cover the sun with a finger," he explained after the defeat in Moscow.

Modric, the most self-critical and sincere voice of Valdebebas this season, was more emphatic. The Croatian not only lamented the absence of RC, but acknowledged that there is no replacement at his height and that the players called to cover their numbers have not responded.

"Has Cristiano's departure penalized you too much?" They questioned him. "The absence of Cristiano would be accused by all the teams, looking for a replacement is almost impossible." Of course we lack Cristiano ", admitted Modric, and continued:" The club was trying to get other players to cover their role and divide it between the top players, that's not easy, because Cristiano has scored 50 goals and you can not find someone who scores so much, some had to take a step forward and not put 50, but … At least 20 goals are missing from two three players, which I will not name now, but to score 10, 15 or 20 goals.

The numbers show that Madrid has not covered the gap left by the Portuguese. Between 2009 and 2018, with CR in the template, eThe team put an average of 70.5 goals until the 26th day of LaLiga. Sin Cristiano barely adds 43. "This we do not have and it's our biggest problem this year," Modric insisted. "For example, in the Copa match against Barcelona we have had many chances, but when you do not take advantage of them, a rival of that quality punishes you," he explained.

Solari dodges the words of Luka

Solari returned to exercise dribbler and dodged to enter to value the words of the club considered his franchise player. "I do not know what Luka said," said the coach, who again dodged in the second question related to the analysis of the Croatian: "These editorials are for you, it is your job, mine as a coach is to do everything possible with this template for that we are the best we can be, and that of the players is to get their best version to help the team get as far as possible. "

"Bale is not at his best"

Gareth Bale was one of the players referred to by Luka Modric when he exposed the cast of men that the leaders had chosen to replace Cristiano. The Croatian, partner of the attacker in Tottenham, the player closest to Welsh in the locker room of Madrid, also recognized that the left-hander does not go through a good time.

"He may not be at his best now, but he wants to be the same again and help us, I do not see his end here, he has a lot to give to this team," Modric said. Bale was substitute in the Cup classic and disappointed in LaLiga. Solari withdrew him at match time and the audience responded with a loud whistle.

"I see him well", he backed the steering wheel. "He has to continue, I see him happy and eager to be the Gareth we know, we can not forget what he has done for this club," he added.

The technician seems to live in another reality different from that of his staff. If his boys are downcast and expose arguments more or less consistent with the moment the team is going through, Solari chooses to prolong the smile and maintain jocular tone after running out of League and Cup. "This club has always had more candidates than Julia Roberts" , ironizó when they raised a possible return of José Mourinho to replace him on the bench.

But Solari a week ago that does not hide the obvious lack of goal of this Madrid. "We have to be more specific, it is true that we have had many chances in the last matches, and we have to make them concrete as we have done in other games," he said again before facing Ajax.

The Dutch team threatens to sentence this Madrid and its coach and generate the biggest sports and institutional crisis that is remembered under the presidency of Florentino Pérez. But Modric warns: "Madrid is always considered dead, and always comes back in. In 2015 we did not win anything and everyone said that we were dead and then you all know what happened and what we won".

What happened was that Real won 10 titles, including the last three consecutive Championships, something unprecedented in modern football. But then, as Modric also warned, Madrid had Cristiano and his goals.

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