Modric enrollment to the best Madrid | sports

Modric enrollment to the best Madrid | sports

An atomic whiplash of Casemiro and a pillar of Modric credited the best Real Madrid in times. A team very plugged, with tonnage and rhythm. A Madrid with enough packaging to overcome its shortcomings. To the structural ones – lack of optimists with the goal – and to the conjunctural ones – the platoon that crowds in the infirmary-.


Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Reguilón; Modric, Casemiro, Ceballos (Valverde, m.88); Lucas Vázquez (Isco, m.77), Benzema and Vinicius. Not used: Luca Zidane; Nacho, Marcelo, Brahim and Christ.

Seville: Vaclik; Carriço, Kjaer, Sergi Gómez; Jesus Navas, Sarabia, Banega, Franco Vazquez, Escudero (Bryan, 86); Ben Yedder (Promes, m.71) and André Silva (Munir, m.75). Not used: Soriano; Vidal, Amadou and Mercado.

Goals: 1-0. M. 78. Casemiro. 2-0. M. 92. Modric.

RefereeMateu Lahoz He admonished Casemiro, Ceballos, Carriço, Banega and Kjaer. VAR: Estrada Fernánez.

Santiago Bernabéu: 68,232 spectators.

In front of a Seville without bubbles, the convoy arranged by Solari submitted his adversary, he kept his pulse when the boys of Machín feigned a bit with a flood and they were completely surrounded during the second act. This time a Madrid in bulk did not burst. This time, against a bony rival like the sevillista, a plethoric set emerged. The best version of Modric and Ramos as that first brigade member that he usually is. Vinicius in his shameless role as agitator of the last month and Carvajal as that armed arm that accustoms to the right. And Ceballos … And Casemiro … A real gregarious and determined that knew how to fill a victory that was resisted until the end because in the waiting room of the goal Christian magazine no longer passes. Not even the complainer Bale. So the Madridistas exploited another vein: a battery of outside throws. Some of Vinicius went away from the goal by spans. One sag of Ceballos creaked the crossbar. Until Casemiro burst Seville with a zurriagazo from any province of Mars. By then it had been more than half an hour since the Nervión team survived clustered in the trench of their area. A Sevilla that should decline from Banega, could only be explained from the heroic resistance of Kjaer, a pole vaulter. As much as Machín intervened with the changes, second-period Sevilla was a puppet at the feet of Modric and his comrades. The usual Seville in Chamartín in the last decade.

The painting from Seville, two-sided as it is – nothing to see that of Sánchez Pizjuán with the stranger – was only dictated when the first episode struck with Banega. Before it was squeezed by a local team that got up early with an exciting staging before a stiff Sevilla. Vinicius tested Vaclik quickly and all Madrid was ready after loss. The visitors presented themselves with a midfield cabinet that should guarantee a succulent ration of passes between Banega, Vázquez and Sarabia. But all were blocked by Madridista fervor. And for his own negligence. Case of the commitment of his goalkeeper to articulate the game with an appointment on the fly to Ben Yedder, who is not exactly a forward crane. Ramos, imperial all afternoon, ate it.

A Escape of Escudero after the first great maneuver of Banega almost culminates in goal. It was an injection for the sevillista dawn and the shock was balanced until the break. The one who arrived with a spectacular head-on attack that left Modric-bandaged with hair bandages-and Mudo Vazquez -protected by a rugby player.

Back of the rest, Madrid embedded to Sevilla. End of previous equality. With Modric and Ceballos by flag in midfield, the ball flowed and flowed on the right and left. On one side, the cavalry of Carvajal and Lucas. On the other side, the constant pedaling of Vinicius, more forced to the discharges than to squeeze his skills as a sprinter against another Jamaican like Navas. In fact, Solari had to rewind the match of the first round in Pizjuán, where the Sevilla captain took the chain out of form to Marcelo, which his coach held on the bench for this occasion in favor of the thriving Reguilón. The same thing that arrested Isco, and a routine.

Knowing that except in set pieces his air play is blank, Madrid interpreted well that the routes to the goal were others. If in the first period some like Lucas abused the mail through the clouds, already in the second the plot was another. Except for a powerful header from Casemiro, Madrid accentuated their offensive production with incursions by the flanks well seconded by flyers like Modric and Ceballos, or with long-distance shots. Madrid did not loose a millimeter, which completely denied Sevilla, who only caught the bouncing ball or punt to any horizon. Machín altered the front, with Promes and Munir, more inclined for the counter than Ben Yedder and Silva. But Madrid did not leave any gap. For Banega and other good players like Vázquez and Sarabia, the game turned jungle. The eagerness and volume of the premises made it seem that the ball was a disturbing artifact even in feet so silky.

With the people delivered by the remangue and the authority of theirs, the culminating moment came with the so much corkscrew of Casemiro. A goal that sealed the undeniable superiority of Madrid. After many swings during the season the fans finally had reasons for the chest, completely fastened with the birch of Modric to Carriço for the final 2-0.

In a Madrid with a winter table top, the Solari set squared its more round performance. Now it will be necessary to measure if it has constancy or the pulse won to Seville was only a mirage in such a pendular season. The injured are about to return and, in his absence, some with the air of passers-by-Vinicius, Valverde, Reguilón …- seem to have proclaimed: present! We will see. Real Madrid will dispose and football will say.

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