March 5, 2021

Modernize the livestock-meat sector to rebuild the country




Spanish society faces the challenge of fight the new threat of a health crisis, while trying to solve the problems of an economy that is increasingly weakened after a year of pandemic. The public powers and private initiative must be agile and join forces to make decisions that offer joint solutions, overcoming any bureaucratic barrier.

With this firm conviction, the actors that make up the Spanish livestock-meat chain have transferred our Commitments 2023. This roadmap includes the additional effort that we are willing to develop, with the help of European funds, in favor of the modernization of the meat-livestock chain, while ensuring the supply of safe and quality meat products to the population. .

Supported in four axes: digitization, employment, cohesion of the territory and sustainability. Commitments 2023 was born with the objective of turning the livestock-meat chain into one of the strategic levers on which the recovery of our country must be supported.

Within digitization, our commitment goes through implementation of Blockchain technology throughout the chain to allow consumers and authorities to follow the process of making meat products from farm to production and sale. In this way, the highest standards of quality, traceability and food safety are ensured. Innovation, the Internet of Things (IoT) or exploring new business models are other aspects included in our plan.

A source of employment with 672,000 direct jobs and a total of 2 million people living in this sector, our commitment is to reach real gender equality and for strengthening our contribution to promote economic and social development in Rural and Depopulated Spain, where we are already the main energizing and cohesive agent of the territory.

Finally, we reinforce our commitment to sustainability. We are committed to taking better care of the environment. To our commitment to reduction of carbon footprint and for more sustainable food systems, the Circular Economy and its “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” principles, embodied in a drastic reduction of single-use plastics or in that more than half of the energy used comes from renewable sources.

We assume these commitments with the conviction that modernize the livestock-meat sector It is the best opportunity to guarantee your economic and social contribution to the reconstruction of the country. We do it with the security that gives us the economic strength, commitment and adaptation to change demonstrated during the toughest moments of the pandemic.

Since the state of alarm and the restriction of movements began, the Spanish agri-food sector in general, and the meat sector in particular, we have made an extraordinary effort to face an unprecedented and unforeseen situation. We were the only sector, together with financial and insurance activities, that grew during confinement, contributing 42,000 million euros to the Spanish GDP. Further, we have kept pace with our exports at a particularly difficult time, which has allowed the Spanish balance of payments to continue to have a positive balance.

With us Commitments 2023, the Government has on the table a modernization plan drawn up with the aim of turning the livestock-meat chain into a benchmark in digitization, gender equality, territorial cohesion and sustainability. In this way, the Government has had a roadmap for the sector for months that facilitates the granting and management of funds from the Next Generation program.

The European institutions have made it clear in the regulation that regulates the management of the recovery fund that no money disbursements will take place until the execution of the requested reforms is verified. At the national level, Moncloa and the Ministry of Finance have also warned the autonomous communities and municipalities that they will have to be strict, both in terms of deadlines and objectives, if they do not want to suffer cuts in the money that the Government has advanced through the Budgets for these projects. Ultimately, the proper management of recovery funds will depend on the economic sectors we propose lines of action aligned with European objectives and they can be launched within the stipulated time periods.

For this reason, our «Commitment to the reconstruction of the country» has gone a long way beyond mere statements. We have been very demanding in the measures that we have imposed on ourselves and we have designed them in such a way that they are feasible, useful for the common and auditable, with the aim that they can become a reality as soon as possible.

We cannot think of a better reconstruction method than collaboration between public institutions and the protagonists of modernization, that is why we have presented our Commitments 2023. Now it is a question of all of us continuing to work to make them a reality.

Anice, Asici, Intercun, Interovic, Interporc and Provacuno

Anice, Asici, Intercun, Interovic, Interporc and ProvacunoAnice, Asici, Intercun, Interovic, Interporc and Provacuno

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