Moderate benefits day in most Southeast Asian exchanges

The majority of Southeast Asian stock markets closed on Tuesday with moderate benefits, driven by the imminent lowering of tariffs agreed between the United States and China, and in the context of fears of the "Wuhan coronavirus."

After several days of widespread losses, Kuala Lumpur Square led the gains today, with a rise of 0.56 percent, while the exception to the upward trend took place in the Bangkok Stock Exchange, which closed the day with red numbers .

The Singapore market rose 12.42 points, 0.39 percent, and the Straits Times composite indicator closed with 3,175.57 integers.

In Indonesia, Jakarta Square advanced 2.32 units, 0.04 percent, and the JCI index ended with 5,954.40 points.

The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange gained 8.68 integers, 0.56 percent, and the selective KLCI finished at 1,551.48 units.

In Thailand, Bangkok's parquet lost 11.31 points, 0.74 percent, and the SET index ended the day with 1,523.93 integers.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange totaled 8.54 units, 0.11 percent, and the PSEi index closed with 7,439.40 points.

In Vietnam, the VN index of Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon) closed with 934.67 integers after adding 3.94 units or 0.42 percent.


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