Models photographed at home show a "real fashion", without artifice

The fashion, trends and proposals of the firms are not slowing down before the COVID-19. If maintaining the distance between individuals is the key, there are formulas that allow us to continue launching campaigns without artifice, as demonstrated by the Latvian model Inguna Butane and the German Vanessa Breuer.

We are used to fashion campaigns being photographed in attractive places, from a beach in the Caribbean to the desert sand, passing through the streets of New York or any city in the world, places that are identified at first glance or in which a unique setting is sought.

On this occasion, the Cortefiel firm meets the last requirement because the models that star in the new spring-summer 2020 campaign, Inguna Butane and Vanessa Breuer, have held the session in their own homes, photographed with a mobile phone and a camera by their husbands , who are not professional photographers, where the bedroom, the garden or the hallway have been the stage.

"More real fashion, for which we wanted to take an almost 'influencer' profile and bring fashion closer to the consumer at a time like the present," Carmen Rivera, from the marketing and communication department of the brand.

For the models it has been something "new" and "fun" where it does not "matter so much how you do it, but the moment you do it".

Rivera assures that his intention was to demonstrate that thanks to the "union of forces of all and with the resources at our disposal we can achieve things that we could not even imagine."

He assures that they are "delighted with the naturalness that they have known how to capture", a result that they liked a lot and that breaks the myth that all campaigns "go through the 'photoshop'. We were looking for naturalness, realism and I think we have been faithful to the demand of these times. "

"Best at home" is a campaign produced and carried out entirely from the confinement, for which they have had models that wear the new garments of the collection, adopting "conventional" attitudes.

A campaign that has been developed "backwards". "Typically, we select a product to be highlighted and that is the basis of the creative line of the campaign", but, on this occasion, Rivera reveals that the process has been different, depending on the spaces that were available as stage.

"With that in mind, we selected the garment that best suited the space." If it was colorful, they opted for a garment with a more neutral and uniform tone "according to the current trend", where whites, polka dots or sailor stripes are linked to exterior spaces, trying to make the colors of the garments stand out over the space.

Inguna Butane has taken the images at her home in Normandy (France), where she is undergoing quarantine, while Vanessa Breuer, German by birth and Ibiza by adoption, on the island where she is with her family.

Butane noted that “this experience has been very special. At first she was a little nervous and it seemed crazy to me, "but she indicates that the experience has allowed her to bring out her more" creative "side.

Something Vanessa Breuer agrees on. “Shooting from home has been quite an experience. My husband was the one who took the photos and together we worked on the creative part, as a team. We also wanted to have the girls and they had a great time. ”

Carmen Rivera points out that although the campaign has worked "it does not mean that we are going to do the next ones like this", and concludes that the trends are no longer only linked to color or print, clothing in "organic cotton, patterns and shapes are determinants to form them. "


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