October 29, 2020

Mobility must be restricted because it is the vector of contagion

The Government has insisted this Tuesday that the extension of the state of alarm must be approved, because the mobility of citizens must continue to be restricted, which, according to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, is the “main vector of contagion” .

But, in addition to limiting mobility, the Executive spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, has warned that, if the alarm is not extended, “measures” taken in these weeks that have helped “the most affected” would decline: thus, between Others have cited ERTEs due to force majeure, which have prevented mass layoffs.

At a press conference after the Council of Ministers, Montero stressed that the state of alarm continues to be an “essential” and necessary tool.

“No one can demand that we put at risk what we have achieved with so much effort these past few weeks. We can ruin it if we rush or ignore the experts,” Montero insisted.

Along the same lines, Illa has indicated that it is “essential” to maintain the alarm, because it has been shown that it has worked and also because, at this time, it is the instrument that allows further restriction of mobility between the provinces.

And as “the main vector of contagion is mobility”, we must continue to define it, said the Minister of Health.

Illa explained that the extension requested is in the same terms as the previous ones, although it also “adapts” to the new stage of de-escalation and “reinforces all co-governance mechanisms.”

In addition, he added, “it values ​​the participation of the autonomous communities and cities in accordance with the principles of collaboration and coordination”, which have been, he said, “the government’s action guide”.

On the other hand, the Executive and the PSOE continue with the contacts – above all, they have intensified with the PNV and Cs – to achieve sufficient support for the extension of the state of alarm that Congress must vote tomorrow.

In his first response to journalists, Montero has only alluded to the conversations that the president, Pedro Sánchez, had with the PP and Cs leaders to ask them to support the maintenance of this instrument that remains “absolutely essential” to fight the pandemic .


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