Mirotic leads Barcelona’s victory over Alba Berlin

Mirotic, against Sikma in a match action.

Nikola Mirotic led with 26 points the hard-working triumph (80-67) of the Barcelona Soccer Club before him Alba Berlin of Aíto García Reneses, who did not give his arm to twist until the last quarter, when the Barça defense ended up imposing logic.

The Barça pivots were the stars of the night since Pierre Oriola added 13 points and Brandon Davies another 12, to which 16 offensive rebounds were added.

The Germans dealt face to face with the leader of the Euroleague during the first half and they had a four-point advantage in the first quarter (12-16, min. 8) thanks to the success of Thienman.

The Barça was irregular during the first time without being able to dominate the game at any time. His 16 turnovers did not help him have a placid night. Aíto brought out his tactical arsenal, especially in defense, to complicate the game as much as possible for his former team.

It seemed to give the stretch at the beginning of the second quarter with Kyle Kuric in a state of grace from the three-point line (29-23, min. 13), but the Germans recovered thanks to their defensive variants and the success of Lammers (29 -28, min. 15).

Mirotic returned to the charge to put the maximum advantage up to that moment (38-30, min. 17). Aíto turned to the giant Koumadje to impose his height on both sides of the court and with Eriksson inspired by the long distance he leveled the match again (40-40). At halftime, Barcelona managed to get ahead (45-40).

The third quarter was a repetition of what was seen in the first part. The azulgranas distanced themselves with the points of Oriola and Mirotic (49-42, min. 23) and Alba Berlin recovered with the triples of Granger and Giffey (51-49, min. 26).

Brandon Davies brought out his repertoire in the low post to chain nine consecutive points and return the eight points of difference (60-52, min. 29). The Germans knew how to attack Barça’s fearsome zone defense well with Granger and Giffey’s outside shots to leave the game open in the last quarter (62-58).

A new streak of success by Mirotic put an end to the German resistance (69-58, min. 33). Barça finally managed to control the game and Alba Berlin ran out of strength. Kuric’s third triple meant the final punchline with 77-65 just over two minutes to go.

80 – FC Barcelona (22 + 23 + 17 + 18): Calathes (2), Hanga (7), Abrines (-), Mirotic (26), Oriola (13) -starting team-, Davies (12), Westermann (-), Smits (5), Martínez (5), Kuric (10) and Claver (-).

67 – Alba Berlin (23 + 17 + 18 + 9): Granger (4), Fontecchio (6), Delow (3), Sikma (9), Lammers (8) -start team-, Siva (8), Giffey (7), Eriksson (8), Mattiseck (-), Koumadje (6), Olinde (-) and Thiemann (8).

Referees: Latisevs (Latvia), Bissang (France) and Kardum (Croatia). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 31 of the Euroleague played without an audience at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona.


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