Miriam Saavedra insists that Carlos Lozano had a relationship with Mayka

Miriam Saavedra.

Miriam Saavedra.

Miriam Saavedra He has done it again. A few weeks ago the Peruvian assured that Carlos Lozano had a relationship with Mayka, one of the most popular contestants on 'The island of temptations'. Information that was denied by both the presenter and the 'influencer', who assured that they had not had anything and that they had only spoken on social networks.

However, the 'Inca princess' assures that Lozano and Mayka were together, but that the presenter denied it because he was ashamed: "In the end they both left me as if I was lying. I am not very interested in my ex's life. But if they have denied it for something it will be. I imagine it was out of shame and she a little out of dignity to be fooling around with several at the same time Which seems lawful to me. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants. But if it's true that you have to make things clear because there was a third person, her boyfriend, who is not a public person, she wrote to me very affected with this issue and agreed with me ".

Sharp and offended that Lozano has told her to stop talking about him, Miriam Saavedra assures that "he always insinuates about me and I always speak with evidence. It is not a subject that matters to me, nor am I interested in talking." "I think that if he denied it with this girl it is because he was meeting her. Then he saw the repercussion it had and he did not want to. It made him a bit ashamed and I understand it," says the convinced winner of Big Brother Vip, who confesses that he talks to the presenter because he is his "neighbor". "I come across it on the street, but nothing special", he points.


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