March 1, 2021

Mirat: "The subscription model is inevitable" | Society

Mirat: "The subscription model is inevitable" | Society

The development of the Internet it has forced the media, and specifically the newspapers, to evolve in a dizzying way to adapt to the digital environment. That revolution has caused great uncertainties while advancing in the search for a viable business model without losing the essence of journalism. After many ups and downs, the future seems to lie in subscriptions, which ensure the production of quality content that the reader can trust. That is the idea that Manuel Mirat, CEO, shared yesterday of Grupo PRISA, publisher of EL PAÍS, and Luis Enríquez, CEO of Vocento, during a conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the cycle dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the newspaper Abcof Seville, celebrated in the Andalusian capital.

"The subscription model is inevitable," said Mirat. But, he added: "There are flexible formats, because it is not valid the same for all headers" Mirat was in favor of betting on global platforms, such as PRISA and Vocento have launched. Through this global showcase, he stressed, traditional media are more likely to recover part of the advertising revenue that has been diverted in recent years to the giants of the Internet.

Choosing the subscription also entails the obligation to know the readers to personalize the contents and determine their consumption quotas, both directors agreed. And, above all, to focus on quality and good journalism, whose essence claimed Mirat as the ultimate key to guarantee the survival of the media. Especially, he insisted, in the current socio-political situation. "Populisms force us to vindicate the work of journalism, the trade." In a time of misinformation launched by the manipulation of networks by robots, Mirat said that it is essential "to provide people with hierarchy, with credibility". That, he stressed, can only be achieved by "returning to the usual journalism, credible and viable journalism."


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