Mírame Televisión celebrates its Solidarity Telemarathon on December 23

Watch me Canary Television It once again appeals to the solidarity of the Canaries and will celebrate its now traditional Solidarity Telemarathon on December 23. The initiative, which has the support of the Food Banks of the two Canarian provinces, will take place in warehouse 10 of MercaTenerife, keeping all the sanitary measures imposed by the pandemic.

The chain will transform that ship into a gigantic set, where it will perform a special five-hour program, between 12 a.m. and 5 p.m., to show the eight islands and the whole world live, through the internet and via satellite, how the canaries fill it with their generosity. The Solidarity Telemarathon will be broadcast live by Mírame Televisión and also has the support of Televisión Española in the Canary Islands, which will broadcast it on both La 1 and La 2.

The objective that looks at me is to achieve food, personal hygiene products, basic necessities for babies and children from 0 to 6 years old, new, non-sexist and non-warlike toys, gifts for the elderly of the residences and aid for the animal protectors.

The directors of Mírame TV and the directors of the Food Bank of Tenerife consider that this year – with more than 375,000 Canaries living in severe poverty, 810,900 people at risk of poverty or social exclusion and 14.1% of the girls, children and adolescents living in poverty – it is essential to celebrate the Solidarity Telemarathon 2021.

In addition, due to the serious situation that La Palma is experiencing with the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, where 2,184 people have lost their main home and 7,000 have been evacuated, this edition of the Telemarathon will also be aimed at palm trees.

The challenge for this edition of the Solidarity Telemarathon is to obtain help for more than 30,000 beneficiaries through 121 entities that will distribute the aid under the coordination of the Food Bank of Tenerife and 132 those that will do so through the Food Bank of Las Palmas.

Like all years, the organization will enable authorized collection points, companies and entities who have been committing to this solidarity initiative for years, so that citizens can make their donations safely and without crowds. The Web www.mirametv.com, the group’s social networks and the chain’s special programming will update the list of said authorized points every day.

The organization of the Solidarity Telemarathon makes available to all groups, companies and entities that want to become authorized collection points, the telephone number 922100122 and the email [email protected] as a way to join the largest solidarity initiative in the Canary Islands.

Mírame Televisión has been fulfilling a commitment to island society for more than a decade through the celebration of the Solidarity Telemarathon, within the framework of its Solidarity Islands Plan. An initiative that was born in the most difficult years of the 2008 economic crisis, and which, with the help of more than 200 NGOs and entities in the Canary Islands, has managed to serve as a platform to get basic aid for more than 250 thousand beneficiaries in these years.


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