February 25, 2021

‘MiradasDoc’ projects 40 films of portraits of life and civil rights

The 14th edition of the Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, will host, from February 26 to March 6, nine days of reality cinema, in which more than forty films will be screened. Stories directed from the perspective of their authors towards a close and familiar environment, portraits of life in the rural world, and narratives that address issues such as civil rights, the role of women, migration, the environment or blackness.

“We come across several films that tell us about the resignification of things, projects in which their authors seek to give a different meaning and reformulate in some way what we know as an established truth”, according to the director, David Baute.

Eight films will be screened in the international section: En Ruta a Kinshasa; Days of cannibalism; 1982; The silhouettes; An ordinary country; The indigenous rose against the invisible beast: the battle of Noel Nutels; Victory; and Río Turbio. In the national category, the nine films in competition are: Sometimes love; Bubota; Between dog and wolf; Heurtebise; Unforgivable; The mommy; Paradise; Stolen fish; and Land of milk and honey.

To these are added the shorts, and seven works in competition in the Opera prima section; and three films from the exhibition dedicated to Gianfranco Rosi, (Premio Mirada Personal 2021).


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