Miquel Montoro returns to ‘La Resistencia’ with a taunt for Broncano: “I’m a little angry with you”

Miquel Montoro returns to 'The resistance'.

Miquel Montoro returns to ‘The resistance’.

Yesterday returned to ‘The resistance’ one of the show’s ‘greatest hits’: Miquel Montoro, the Mallorcan child who went viral with a video in which he said: “Hostia! Pilotes”. The young man attended David Broncano’s program last year and his interview became the “Most viewed video of ‘The resistance’ in 2020”, as he pointed out to the public.

As soon as he received it, Broncano exclaimed: “You have grown! You have taken on a little body, you are taller. You look more handsome“. The young man, a little older than last year, said: “I can’t say the same about you, but hey”, causing laughter from the public.

Miquel had come to the show to promote his literary debut, ‘Uep! My adventures in the field ‘. In his first book, the Mallorcan reveals his “Les Pilotes star recipe“.

Laughing aside, Montoro wanted to address Broncano to give him a taunt: “I’m a little angry with you.” The young man had no qualms about explaining why he was upset: “You went to Majorca and you didn’t come to see me “, revealed. Finally they both laughed. “I’ve been up to two times, it’s true, but I swear I did not go to not give you the badge because I know that in recent months they have given you a lot, “explained the comedian.


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