Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Miquel Iceta, for the books that were on the table

“The days of house confinement are long,” he acknowledges. Miquel Iceta, and warns that the main risk involved is “letting go and getting up late.” But there are things that do not change in your routine.

Every morning there is a new haiku on their networks and next month they will have already shared 2,000. They are all collected on a web page. “Is a very relaxing reading and sometimes it gives us useful clues for the day. It is a moment of serenity “, explains the first secretary of the PSC. Then, as usual, he checks his mail and reads the press.

Work continues, from home

The halt of political activity has allowed him to rescue the books that accumulated for reading. At some point he has also taken refuge in poetry, which he does not usually read. But now he’s focused on Pharaon, from the Gallic Egyptologist Christian Jacq, “a very pleasant historical novel” on Tutmosis III, he points out, who reads in French to recover the language, now “rusty”.

From Japan –with the haikus– to Egypt, everything goes through the nightstand. So are his days. The leader of the PSC reveals that he always has at hand Anthrobus (Tusquets), by Lawrence Durrell, British humor at the Foreign Office. “It makes me laugh until I cry. I always keep him close, he has short stories and it relaxes me ”, he details. During the day she is more devoted to reading and at night she watches television. He is addicted to criminal investigation series like NCIS or Hawaii 5.0 .

All this is for leisure time. Work continues, from home. Yesterday he had a meeting by telematic means with members of the party, although it is not the usual thing, since these days the socialists convey their activity in WhatsApp groups. Each organ has its own.

In any case, interrupt what you are doing to listen to the official appearances. And he makes an observation: it is convenient to “make an effort to filter information” and “limit the obsession”. “Networks are vehicles of disinformation in some cases,” he says. For this reason, it recommends citizens to be calm and to follow the official channels and the instructions of the health authorities.

He confesses that he was not expected to live a crisis like this, “so strong, with such a rapid spread and affecting so many people.” When prevention measures are relaxed, one of the first things you will do is go out for lunch or dinner. “I miss him,” he reveals.

However, tragedy has a positive side. “The people’s reaction is admirable,” he says.

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