July 24, 2021

Minsait, a comprehensive technology offer to succeed in digital transformation | Trends

Minsait, a comprehensive technology offer to succeed in digital transformation | Trends

The Spanish multinational Indra seeks to simplify its information technology services by bringing them together under the same umbrella. Minsait, which is this point of union, intends to bet on value proposals that integrate different services for 20 industries. All of them are summarized in the energy, industry and consumer markets, financial services, public administrations and telecommunications and half. The digitalization that it puts on the table in a unified way seeks to achieve tangible impacts for each of these sectors under a transformational approach. An offer capable of integrating the most essential part of the business of each of the organizations with the digital world that surrounds them with increasing force.

The proposal of Minsait is not about a closed package. Through greater clarity and simplification of the offer, it promises its customers an evolution at the rate they consider appropriate. An agility and openness whose starting point will be the products they demand and the added value brought by the digital transformation. At the heart of this restructuring lies a purpose to evolve the different industries from new tools, as well as to improve society as much as possible. All this, as indicated by Indra, thanks to the commitment they have acquired with customers and citizens through responsible use of innovation.

Minsait's value propositions are based on the experience acquired over decades to complement business and to use technology in the most substantial areas of the different companies. This allows the solutions provided to the market to be fully adapted for 20 industries. According to Indra, digitization allows adding value to multiple services. From consulting, digital tools and cybersecurity, you can create and implement new products and services; optimize and develop new infrastructure models; anticipate social demands; and manage technological risks through comprehensive security. All these options would be unthinkable without endowing them with agile working methodologies and a purely innovative culture.

The new proposal of the Spanish multinational is comprehensive. From the initial strategy to the operation through the implantation. It is an open ecosystem of products unified by the Onesait brand. Like his older sister Minsait, all the tools will start from the same point and not from several as it was previously. As Indra maintains, everything will depend on the clients. Nothing will be closed in advance. The intention is the impulse of new businesses that start from very different perspectives. The digital transformation serves to create new solutions in the different industries unthinkable before the massive irruption of the technique. To reach this goal, multidisciplinary talent will play an essential role and will be present in all strategies.

With the aim of improving the needs of customers, Minsait wants to intensify its purpose of leaving a mark on the activities they carry out. So that it does not fall on deaf ears, there are four values ​​that must guide this whole process of digitalization. The first, the meaningful impact, strives to put the experience, talent and intelligence at the service of each client. The second, the pioneering impact, bet to discover and open new innovative paths. The third, the hand-in-hand impact, look for a collaborative culture that guarantees a joint growth. And the fourth, the driving impact, it serves to demonstrate a positive attitude in each step that is given. With all of them, success in transformation seems closer.

Indra has found in Minsait the meeting point for all its information technologies. The specialization, the sectoral knowledge and the capacity they claim to have to integrate everything under digitalization are their bets so that the technology has more value. Flexibility is one of the flags that fly in these times of constant change, but with the intention that everything has a unique anchorage. Energy, mobility, air traffic, security, defense … different areas in which digitization has burst in force and in which the new company of the Spanish multinational competes to add its experience. Disruption does not understand times. The limit between staying outside or inside is very thin and innovation is transcendental.


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