Minors can accompany their parents to the purchase if they have no one to stay with

2020-03-19 11:24:38

As the days go by, the rules of isolation they adapt to the needs. Parents demanded that some supermarkets prohibit them from entering with children. Now the law makes an exception and allows it as long as they have no one to leave the child with. Logic must prevail, children have the most contagion power. The less time they spend away from home, the less risk they are of transmitting the virus. Therefore, from today you can only be on the street accompanied if the other person is minor, has special needs or is an old man who asks for our help. In addition, life in the common areas of the urbanizations was finished. The rooftop parties are over. Use the elevator one by one or directly turn to the stairs. In order for the insulation to end as soon as possible, the rules must be strictly followed.


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