Minister Valerio proposes to "embrace with confidence" the technological advances

Minister Valerio proposes to "embrace with confidence" the technological advances

The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security of Spain, Magdalena Valerio, said today that it is better to flee from dramatic approaches and "embrace with confidence" the technological advances that are taking place in terms of work.

"It is preferable to flee from deterministic and dramatic approaches and embrace technological advances with confidence.We have to think in terms of symbiosis of the machine and the person, so that robberies help to make working people more productive and avoid them. heavy and unhealthy tasks, "he said.

During one of her interventions at the X Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of Labor, Employment and Security, which is being held until Friday in the Guatemalan city of Antigua, the minister said that this can help to avoid occupational hazards and get "more work" safe and of higher quality ".

For this, he continued, "it is essential to change the attitude toward training, making it the center of the organizations."

That is why for your Government, work and your organization remains a concern in which we must bear in mind that "work does not disappear, but is transformed", so we must adapt regulatory frameworks and public strategies from a tone "in the key of opportunity".

"This implies that there are and will be changes in the profiles of the positions, and that the repetitive manual works, those that require strength and those that demand the management or calculation of exact data, will probably be replaced and replaced in the short or medium term "he explained.

However, those that require a human intervention with emotional factors, that demand the decision making, and that need innovation and creativity, design, or that are artistic, will have a substitution "almost null or much more difficult".

In this context, Valerio said that his Government aims that the "deep transformation" suffered by the labor market is not coupled with the disappearance of "decent work" and admitted that they are aware that "difficulties" may arise in the legal framework of new forms of work.

But even so, he advocates reviewing the current system to accommodate it "ensuring that these new models do not lead to unjustified departures or abandonment of the system of labor security guarantees or consent to a degradation of the working conditions of those who provide them".

"The efforts of our Government are focused on moving forward in a regulatory framework that is flexible and adaptable, as well as duly protective in labor matters, through clear legal regulation, and not just minimums, and with maximum respect for collective bargaining and dialogue. social, "he said.

Before concluding, the Spanish minister, who will be visiting Guatemala until Saturday, said that the challenge is technological and ethical, for the management of the needs of people.

"We must work because the digital economy and robotization do not generate disadvantaged people, sectors or countries," but because it is an "inclusive digital world capable of ensuring a more sustainable and, of course, more just and equitable world".


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