Minister says that increases in transport is due to "setbacks" in Kirchnerism

Minister says that increases in transport is due to "setbacks" in Kirchnerism

The Minister of Transport of Argentina, Guillermo Dietrich, said today that the recent increases in the rates of public transport, gas and light for next year are the result of the "setbacks" received from the last government of Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) .

"We received a fare situation in 2015 that was a major setback in transport, and the bus ticket was worth three or four times more in the whole country than in the metropolitan area," the minister said in a conversation with Radio La Red.

The Government announced on Thursday new increases in public transport rates, with increases of 38% that will apply from next January to travel by bus, train and metro.

"There is a part that is inflation, because costs increase, the other is the need to fix these imbalances of many years in which the rate was not touched, with a totally subsidized system of poor quality," he continued.

The minister insisted that the government of Mauricio Macri is working to reduce the inflationary indexes, which will close this year with a rise close to 47%.

"It's the problem of having to fix the setbacks, that 'live the pepa' and the 'everything is free', that in the end we all pay, if that had not happened, this would not have happened," said Dietrich, adding that These increases are "consequence" of different factors such as the country that the Executive received.

The increases will be applied in Buenos Aires and the metropolitan area in a "stepped" manner, with three consecutive increases, in January, February and March in the case of buses and commuter trains, and with two consecutive increases, in April and May, for the subway.

"You had a government that left you with virtually no light, which left you practically without infrastructure, and you have to fix all this," he said.


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