April 14, 2021

Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica resigns, key piece of the Government

The Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica, Rodolfo Piza, one of the key pieces in the cabinet of President Carlos Alvarado, presented his resignation on Monday.

"From other trenches I will continue to help democracy in our region. I will continue to help the country, always. With you, Mr. President, and with those who come," Piza said in his resignation letter.

The minister, who did not detail his immediate political plans, will officially leave office next Wednesday and today said his initial idea was to remain only one year in office, but that he extended his stay three more months at the request of the president.

In Costa Rica, the Presidency Minister's job is to be the president's direct link with various sectors of society and with Congress to negotiate bills.

Piza was a presidential candidate in the last elections for the Christian Social Unity Party and after not entering the second electoral round, signed an agreement with Carlos Alvarado to promote an agenda and a "Government of National Unity", composed of ministers and officials of several matches.

"Mr. President, we have plowed the land, put the seeds and sowed together. We have undertaken some pruning, although some are missing. The harvest will come and you will have to start harvesting. And I will be happy for you, for the country," Piza added.

President Alvarado stressed that Piza joined the Government of National Unity because "he loves his country and interpreted the historical moment" and stressed that "he committed himself and sacrificed himself" for the "welfare of the country."

"History will be responsible for putting in its fair and high dimension the contribution that this citizen has given to his country in a distinguished, selfless and sacrificed way," said the ruler.

The Government announced that it will soon appoint the new Minister of the Presidency.

During his tenure, Piza received criticism from opposition deputies for allegedly being away from negotiations between the Executive and Congress.

The Government stressed that Piza's main achievements include its management for the approval of the Law on Strengthening of Public Finance (tax reform).

In addition, he stressed that the official maintained an intense negotiation process with the deputies, and was responsible for dialogue and rapprochement with various sectors such as business chambers, unions, associations, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Alliance of Costa Rica and municipalities.

The agreement between Piza and President Alvarado, called "National Government: agreement for hope, equity and development", was signed on March 8, 2018 and consists of ten chapters in areas such as economy, labor, environment, among others , and according to the authorities shows an advance of 30%.

Piza is the seventh minister who has resigned since the Government of Alvarado began on May 8, 2018.

The other ministers who have left office are Guiselle Amador (Health), Epsy Campbell (Foreign Relations), Juan Carlos Mendoza (Communication), María Fullmen (Human Development and Social Inclusion), Edna Camacho (Economic Council Coordination) and Edgar Mora (Education).

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