April 16, 2021

Minister Guirao annoys the federations | sports

Minister Guirao annoys the federations | sports

After the breakfast of Europa Press with the minister José Guirao, anyone would think that the presidents of the federations have misplaced the menu of coffee, brioches, fruits, natural juice and salty snacks of a five-star hotel. Small faces looked pale and angry. "We have had better days, but it's not the breakfast's fault," said unanimously, Raúl Chapado (athletics), Fernando Carpena (swimming), López Cerrón (cycling) and several others. "It is what we have heard, what little we have heard, from the mouth of the minister what has us like that". And they show their watches: the Minister of Culture and Sports has spoken one hour, and has not dedicated 30 minutes to each of their competitions, as would be logical, according to them, but 55 minutes to Culture and five to Sports.

They feel nonexistent, invisible, in the drafting of a law that they have not known until its presentation to the Council of Ministers, last Friday.

And what Minister Guirao has said about his Sports Law, the great concern of their public lives, their eternal fear of regulating their activities, a sort of accelerated summary of what they already related to the end of the Council of Ministers of the past Friday, he has not returned the faith either.

The hopelessness of the federations in a bill that may never come to crystallize – the legislature and the action of the Government of Pedro Sanchez, and the projects of its ministers, depend on the approval of budgets that may not reach or be debated – It has been polarized at the start around the figure of Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga, a boss who last year distributed three million euros among 65 federations (all except football, which in this war has been positioned behind the Government), about 46,000 euros on average for each one, in exchange for the transfer of transmission rights in streaming of their competitions and the obligation to display the LaLiga logo on all their uniforms, banners, photocall and advertisements.

Article 90.2 of the bill, the so-called article antiTebas, justly prohibits that this relationship can be maintained. It says: "In no case may professional leagues acquire, exploit or commercialize, by themselves or by any person or entity invested in or dependent on them or on which they exercise a decisive influence and which contributes to the realization of their activities, the rights economic of any competition of which they do not have the condition of organizer ".

"We do not want football to take over everything. We do not want a sport monoculture. LaLiga is art and part. Their monopoly is unfair to small federations, and I do not want them to be subordinated to football, "said the minister. And the federation presidents, through the mouths of several presidents, reject it in chorus: "on the contrary, on the contrary, only soccer gives us oxygen".

But when they are told that what they receive from LaLiga is not so much either, they answer that it is not the three million, that their criticism of the law is deeper. They talk about Article 60, which provides that federations can be intervened if they do not comply with the viability plans that are drawn or the article that talks about the agreements between autonomies for the reciprocal recognition of their federal licenses.

The project is in the public information phase, so the federations can achieve some modification. On the law have not yet been expressed, however, the unions of athletes, who could regret the reduction of seven to four years the consideration of High Level Athletes after the withdrawal or the ambiguous treatment of their taxation.

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