March 6, 2021

Minister Delgado pleads in UN for cooperation and credibility against crime

The Spanish justice minister, Dolores Delgado, defended today at the UN the importance of international cooperation and the credibility of state institutions to combat organized crime and terrorism.

In a seminar entitled "Strengthening the Rule of Law and human rights to achieve peaceful, just and inclusive societies," the minister argued that the assumption of democratic values ​​by States gives "greater legitimacy to address current phenomena of delinquency ".

For Delgado, the answer lies in what he called a "vicious circle" and "magnificent" constituted by the "rule of law", the "democratic state" and "respect for human rights", which, according to Spanish policy, "they will generate trust and confidence will generate cooperation", which, in turn, "will help to deal with the phenomena of organized crime."

In this regard, the minister said that organized crime and the trafficking of drugs, people and weapons undermine coexistence, constitute one of the main dangers and violate human rights, so he urged them to face them with a "solid and forceful response". "based on the values ​​of" equality, justice, equity and freedom ".

"We have to cooperate against organized crime and in the attainment of human rights, welfare states, democracies and social rights," he said.

In her speech, the minister enunciated several initiatives of the Spanish Government, among which the fight in Spain against the terrorism of ETA, group "defeated" with "the arms of justice", and against the jihadist terrorism that is being confronted through "international judicial cooperation".

He also cited the national strategy against organized crime and crime, whose main objectives included "the economic suffocation of criminal organizations and the reversion to citizenship and society of the benefits generated by organized crime."

He also highlighted the creation of the General Directorate of Historical Memory, "among other things, try to seek justice, truth and reparation for so many victims."

"We have a problem as it also happens in other parts of Latin America of forced disappearances, we have a problem of our own history that we have to face and return that part of the dignity" to society, said the minister.

Delgado also highlighted in the forum the need to promote transparency and combat corruption.

"Through the cleanliness, transparency and neatness of state institutions we gain confidence and can be much more effective and credible for society," he said in this regard.

Delgado began today in New York a two-day visit to the United States that ends Tuesday in Washington, where he will meet with his counterpart, Attorney General William Barr.

The acting minister met with the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, María Fernanda Espinosa, and with the Senior Adviser on Policies of the Secretary General of that international organization, the Spanish Ana María Menéndez.

In his meeting with Espinosa, Delgado conveyed the "clear position of the Government of Spain and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, of betting on multilateralism and the 2030 agenda," he told a group of journalists.

On the 2030 agenda of the UN, he noted that the gender perspective has been addressed in his Ministry, and projects such as "crimes against sexual freedom" have been launched, while a "comprehensive law against violence that Attempts against childhood and adolescence. "

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