November 26, 2020

Minister Carolina Darias announces that she has recovered from the coronavirus

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, announced on Friday that she has recovered from the coronavirus after a month of isolation.

“Now yes, after 30 days, I have beaten # COVID19”, announces the minister herself in a message on her Twitter account, in which she thanks everyone who has accompanied her “on this journey” in one way or another .

Darias assures that, although she was in isolation, she has not felt alone at any time, and concludes by wishing strength and hope to all those who continue to fight against the virus.

The minister tested positive for the coronavirus on March 12, after learning that the head of Equality, Irene Montero, was also infected.

Subsequently, on March 25, the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, the third member of the Executive branch affected by the pandemic, also tested positive.


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