Minimum losses of the bank in the opening of the Stock Exchange

Minimum losses of the bank in the opening of the Stock Exchange


The bank has started the day in the markets with slight losses. The sector lived yesterday its particular black Thursday after the judgment of the Supreme Court where it determined that it was the banks who had to pay the mortgage tax and not the clients as it was happening so far. Specifically, the shares of the eight listed Spanish banks sank yesterday on the stock market and lost 5,876 million capitalization.

In today's opening, the sector has begun with slight losses in general. Bankia is the one that loses the most losses at this time of the morning, 1.28%. It is followed by Sabadell, with losses of 0.93%, while CaixaBank, BBVA and Santander fall 0.71%, 0.58% and 0.51%, respectively. For its part, Bankinter is the only one of the sector in the Ibex that reflects a rise of 0.98% in this case. For its part, the other two banks listed on the continuous market, Unicaja and Liberbank have started with mixed luck. The first goes up 0.48% while the second falls 1.20%.

These small losses prevent the Spanish stock market get away from the 2016 lows that closed yesterday. Specifically, at the opening today the Spanish parquet has fallen by 0.33%, continuing without passing the barrier of 8,900 points.

In the rest of the stocks, on the side of the falls during the beginning of the day were Dia (-3.3%), followed by Bankia (-1%), Ferrovial (-0.8%), while in the On the opposite side were Técnicas Reunidas (+ 0.8%), Indra (+ 0.7%), Viscofan (+ 0.5%) and Mediaset (+ 0.4%).

The rest of the European stock markets opened with a decrease of 0.1% for Franfort, while London rose by 0.2% and France by 0.1%. Likewise, the Spanish risk premium was placed in 133 basis points, with the interest required to the ten-year bond at 1.7%.

On the other hand, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, reference for the Old Continent, was at a price of 79.58 dollars, while Texas was placed at 68.85 dollars. Finally, the price of the euro against the dollar stood at 1.1439 'greenbacks'.


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