Mingo Ramos and Pablo Medina will participate in the National Cup in the Suzuki Cup – La Provincia

Mingo Ramos and Pablo Medina will participate in the National Cup in the Suzuki Cup - La Provincia

Domingo Joel Ramos, provincial champion of Las Palmas de rallys of 2017, and the young Pablo Medina have been the pilots chosen by the Padaman Sport team to drive two of their Swift 1.4 turbo units, with which they will face a sports program forming part of the 2019 Suzuki Cup in the Spanish Rally Championship next season. This single-brand contest has 25 participants. Antonio Estalella and David Sánchez are the architects of a project that also has Aythami Santana in the technical direction.

The Padaman Sport team, which was previously formed by David Sánchez and Antonio Estalella, have decided to leave the way free to the young pilots of the Archipelago to encourage their projection beyond the borders of the seven islands. Estalella, meanwhile, will remain active, while Sanchez will temporarily park his pilot role.

The contact with vehicles by Mingo Ramos It has led to the driving of a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO-IX this year, while Pablo Medina has participated with a Honda Civic.

Both pilots will measure their strength on the peninsular roads with the aim of demonstrating the ease behind the wheel they have shown in the Canary Islands.

Ramos has several victories in the provincial rallies, while Medina has highlighted with great performances qualifying in the top ten of several island tests despite having little experience at the wheel.

The Suzuki Swift Cup has managed to bring together 25 cars, all with the new 1.4 Turbo engines that with the preparation kit exceed 150 horsepower.

The rivalry is hard to have equal conditions with cars, so the skill at the wheel and the experience with the notes are going to be important factors to get podium positions in the tests of the single-brand cup in the Spanish Championship of asphalt rallies.


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