Miners rescue company in Chile will look for Julen

Miners rescue company in Chile will look for Julen

The troops that participate in the search tasks of the two-year-old boy fallen to a well on Sunday in Totalán (Málaga) are waiting find within a period of between 24 and 48 hours, counting from this afternoon.

The government delegate in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis has announced this to journalists after visiting the family and meeting with the members of the device that participate in the location of Julen.

"The objective in that time – between 24 and 48 hours – is to be able to give a definitive solution and find the child," he said.

Gómez de Celis has indicated that it is intended to reach the child practicing two tunnels at the same time, one in parallel to the well, where it is believed that the minor is, and another obliquely.

These two options are undertaken "in anticipation of a failure", referring to the second tunnel, explained to Efe.

On the second tunnel, the Government delegate has specified that "there is one meter of possibility of error, in which case the other option would be safe", referring to the first tunnel.

The oblique tunnel will be made with a small tunnel boring machine and the parallel tunnel will be made with a machine with enough width to fit the people who will have to connect to the other tunnel.

The last works of connection of these galleries will be made by the engineers arrived from Asturias mine rescue experts. (Hunosa).

Gómez de Celis has said that the work has already begun because first you have to make earth movements for both tunnels and enable platforms that are rushed with heavy machinery.

A company that participated in the rescue of some Chilean miners trapped in a cavity collaborates in the geolocation of the current well in which the child fell, which is not regular and is not piped, to know the trajectory of the well and facilitate the connection with the tunnels.

Solid material will also continue to be sucked from the well where Julen fell until the progress of the work in the two tunnels required the original drilling to be piped.

About the parents of Julen, the delegate of the Government has explained they are "broken" because it is a "complicated" situation and he has "transmitted to them on behalf of the Government all the disposition to do all the work that needs to be done and all the technical means necessary to find the little one".

He has met with the State security forces and 112 personnel and firefighters, together with the representatives of the engineering school of Malaga and with the rescue team in mines arrived from Asturias today and that "they are already ready to handle the work".

He insisted on the "unprecedented" situation because he did not know of a similar emergency elsewhere in the world because of the narrowness of the well, 107 meters deep and of which 80 have already been reached, according to the delegate.

Asked if the well was legal, he assured that he does not stop there and that "the only priority is to locate the child as soon as possible, everything else will come later, for the pertinent investigation of the court".

Questioned if reconstruction of the facts has been done with the family, he explained that the Civil Guard has not investigated beyond arranging and coordinating the work and being close to the family, and works with the only hypothesis that the child is in the water well".

Finally, he added that the proposal of the mayor of Totalán, Miguel Ángel Escaño, of a Nordic company to move a motion detection device, since it is not useful due to the characteristics of the well, has been ruled out.

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