Millions of euros and hegemony: the damage for UD if Tenerife goes up

Viera beats Aitor Sanz in one of the derbies played last season. / cover

A promotion of the blue and white team would strengthen its strategic positioning and would give it a financial jump for the extra of being in the First Division

In the promotion or not to the First Division of Tenerifea question that will be elucidated next Sunday,
At stake, in addition to a sidereal economic leap, the hegemony of the Canary Islands in terms of representativeness in the highest category of national football. And that positioning is not minor with all that it entails on a media scale and as a potential line of business for both the club and the island's industry. At UD they remain attentive to what may happen because their eternal rival making the leap to the Santander League is not convenient for them precisely because of the setback that it would entail.

Officially, indifference is proclaimed with the outcome that will take place at the Heliodoro and against Girona, but the reality is that, given the choice,
the preference is for Tenerife to continue where it is. Because, it is easily deduced, whether or not there is a derby next season is already news of consequences in the box office section.
There is no game with a greater hook than the Canarian classicas was verified last year in the two visits of the blue and white team to Gran Canaria between the regular championship and promotion.

Entering the First Division involves, from the outset,
an injection close to 50 million euros by virtue of television rights, pools and other bonuses associated with this showcase. This is how Miguel Concepción estimated it days ago in a quick calculation when he was asked about his estimates in this regard. That guarantees a prevalence in the transfer market and more investment margin, not to mention a scale of privilege with respect to the other team if, as would happen now with UD, they play in the Second Division.

This would translate into greater institutional weight, no matter how cordial the relationship between entities has been for years and the common good is pursued. In fact, there is a parity pact in public subsidies. But they can't deny it
shields are communicating vessels and that one is above the other will always affect the worst classified, which, in this case, if the Ramis boys end the campaign with the jackpot, it would be their own.


A review of history puts UD in a clearly preponderant range. Because while Tenerife has only been among the best in the country for thirteen courses, the yellow balance almost
triples it with up to 34 presences. They have only coincided once at the top (2001-02 season) and, curiously, both ended up descending. Quite a paradox because both, as a whole, offer a prolonged presence in the elite, although without more accompaniment than that outlined at the beginning of the century.

The last time that Tenerife became the ambassador of Canarian football, as can happen now, was in the 2009-10 campaign.
Then, as happened to UD in the 1990s, they found themselves competing even in Second Division B (2011-2013) with the yellow team above them.

Now it remains to be seen what happens in four days. A success or failure of Tenerife always has a shock wave that reaches UD. They know it on both shores. Around here they prefer everything to stay as it is.

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