Millionaire investments, in suspense, due to the next regulation of fishing quotas

Carlos Manso ChicoteCONTINUEMadrid Updated:06/03/2022 21:49h
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Spanish fishing is in the process of being reformed, the new project for the Sustainable Fishing Law approved by the Council of Ministers on May 17 will define the guidelines for this activity in the coming years. In this sense, from the Cepesca employers' association they have shown their concern about the drafting of some points of the future regulations. Especially with regard to the distribution of fishing opportunities or quotas since, in his opinion, it is not made explicit whether the new rules will be applied retroactively or not. What would affect millionaire investments of shipbuilding companies. In any case, from this organization, they have added that the Government has already expressed its agreement with this point of view, so from the business community they have opted to reflect it in the legal text.

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