Miles Morales, the Latin Spiderman, makes the leap to the big screen | Culture

Miles Morales, the Latin Spiderman, makes the leap to the big screen | Culture

PHOTO: Scene from 'Spider-Man: A new universe'. / VIDEO: Movie trailer.

Emilio Treviño says that as a child one of his favorite superheroes was Spiderman. He was wearing pajamas and was disguised as he was all the time. Now he is 19 years old and has been working for 14 years as a film, theater, television and dubbing actor. When he found out that it would be him who would put his voice in the Spanish version for all of Latin America to Miles Morales, a new incarnation of the trepamuros -of Afro-American and Puerto Rican descent-, in the animated film Spider-Man: A new universe, admits that it was "a very big surprise". As a fan of the character felt that he had to give their best and that the phrase "A great power carries a great responsibility", fictionally attributed to Uncle Ben in the comics of this character, gained much more weight and importance in his work.

Treviño had already made the voice of Morales in Spanish for the animated series that premiered years before on the Disney XD channel. He lent his voice to the promotional advance of the film and even recorded a scene that appeared after the credits in the film Venom, which is part of the Spiderman universe. Even so, I did not have the paper insured. He felt nervous, for that reason he began to study the character thoroughly. It was a long and complicated process, but at last he managed to keep the dream interpretation. "The movie is really made for Spiderman fans, it's a little darling. For me it was still a greater responsibility to be the protagonist of the film, as a fan I have to give my best for the audience to enjoy it, "the actor said in a telephone interview.

The story of the film starts in a parallel universe where Peter Parker, the original character – created by Stan Lee Y Steve Ditko-, has died. A young high school student named Miles Morales is the new Spiderman. However, when mafioso leader Wilson Fisk builds the Super Collider, he brings in an alternate version of Parker that will try to teach Miles how to be a better superhero. But he will not be the only vigilante to enter this universe, four alternate versions of Spidey they will appear and seek to return to their universe before all reality collapses.

Although Morales is not the first Latin Spiderman, since Miguel O'Hara was created in 1992 – a spiderman of Mexican-Irish descent – for the comic Spiderman 2099, yes he is the only one to star in his own movie. Miles Morales was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli in 2011, inspired by the election of the then president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the appearance of African-American rapper and actor Donald Glover with a superhero costume in the series Community. Treviño says that seeing an African-American and Latino spiderman generates representation and empathy. In addition to can generate a similar effect who achieved this year Black Panther, the blockbuster movie about the African character of Marvel.

Extraordinary animation

"The film opens in difficult times due to the problems in the United States due to the struggle for the civil rights of the African-American community and racism against Latinos. Miles represents all of that, he's an African-American boy, from a Latino family. The movie has a lot to offer, like what happened with Black Panther. As dubbing actors it's a bit complicated, because we only have our voice to express all that. The public has to feel it, we have to be empathetic so that someone says I want to be Miles Morales, "says Treviño.

The actor emphasizes the style of animation of the film, a detail that is giving what to talk among different specialists. He says that the technique used is "extraordinary, an animation that had not been seen before". Phil Lord, co-producer and screenwriter of the film, announced in an interview Screen Rant that the intention, since the film began to take shape, was that it was possible to merge different types of animation (anime, noir, 3D, 2D). "That was the ambition of the movie, it was power, obviously feeling that you are entering a comic and that you are surrounded by a world that does not look like anything you have seen before. And because sequential art is made in so many different styles, we wanted the audience to feel the artist's hand in every universe, "producer Chris Miller explains for the same publication.

It is no coincidence that the film is a celebration of its printed origins, with bold graphics and elements of comic style, such as dialogue balloons, thoughts, printed words and even wavy lines to illustrate the arachnid sense of the different Spidey that are part of the Spiderverse. "We wanted to see what elements made the comics so interesting and we realized how the illustrators used lines on their faces to achieve that extra emotionality. The result? The other Marvel movies are about comic book characters. This film is a comic that moves. If you stop the movie in any frame, you will see a completely illustrated comic panel, "says Danny Dimian, special effects supervisor for the film, in an interview for Popular Mechanics.

Spiderman: A new universe has won more than a dozen awards from different associations of critics in the US, which ratify it as the best animated film of the year. It is still waiting for the failure of another twenty awards, including its Golden Globe nomination and the possibility that I was among the finalists for an Oscar award is not ruled out. The film is already in theaters since the previous week throughout the region, with the exception of Argentina and Uruguay, where its release date is scheduled on January 10.


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