Mileage jams on the A9 towards Spain due to protests in France

Mileage jams on the A9 towards Spain due to protests in France

The A9 motorway to the south of Perpignan, in the direction of Spain, today recorded kilometric jams due to the protests of the "yellow vests" that have been happening in France for weeks.

The National Road Information Center (Bison Futé) noted on its website a "demonstration" in Le Boulou with an impact on both directions of the highway.

The A9 was completely closed last night at the exit of Perpignan South after the toll there is in that town, which is one of the feuds of the "yellow vests", will be partially destroyed by a fire, said the local station " France Bleu Rousillon ".

This protest movement, which has caused the biggest social and political crisis of the mandate of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, today organized vehicle blocking and filtering operations in some twenty strategic points of the French motorways.

The greatest difficulties were in the A9, since in addition to the cited incident south of Perpignan it was closed in the vicinity of Béziers and Narbonne.

There were also cuts on the A6, which connects Paris with Lyon, between the latter city and Mâcon.

On the axis of the Rhone, traffic jams were recorded in the vicinity of Montélimar, Bollène and Orange.

On the A62 it was impossible to use the entrances and exits in Valence d'Agen; in the A10 something similar to the height of Châtellerault occurred; on the Cote d'Azur, protesters prevented the normal circulation of vehicles at the tolls of the A50 in La Ciotat and Bandol.

On the A64, which connects Toulouse with Bayonne, Bison Futé indicated several incident points under the heading "social manifestation".

In the demonstrations called yesterday for the fourth consecutive Saturday by the "yellow vests" 136,000 people participated throughout France, according to the Ministry of Interior, a figure similar to that of December 1.


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