September 29, 2020

Mikel Landa highlights that Gran Canaria is a unique sports paradise – La Provincia

The corridor Mikel Landa (Bahrain McLaren) highlights that Anfi del Mar it is one of the “safest places in the world” to train and rest. The Basque cyclist, who you will be staying at Anfi for a few weeks, considers that this point in the south of Gran Canaria is one of the best areas on the planet to ride the bicycle and disconnect with the family, since it has “fantastic conditions”, according to a statement. The Basque corridor points out that the island is one of the “most attractive and unique sports paradises in Spain” not only because of its geographical location, but also because of its wide range of leisure and adventure activities. An idyllic location for both sports professionals and amateurs in general. In the same statement, Landa praises the protocols of action of the Anfi Group staff that give you the maximum guarantees of safety and that today is a priority, well above the ‘sun and beach’ “.

Landa who thoroughly finalizes his preparation to run the Tour de France (It starts on August 29) stresses that “this year will be atypical and more demanding than ever because the coronavirus has forced many competitions to be concentrated” in a few days. “It is clear that the happy covid has hit all sectors with great virulence and we cannot lower our guard.”

Landa, what progresses in his recovery from back discomfort, acknowledges in the statement that he is in “a competitive team that must aspire to everything this season”, and where he feels “very comfortable and well adjusted”. However, Landa continues, “there are many rivals to beat this year.”

The runner points out that “I am delighted to train in the Canary Islands and in Anfi, where the conditions are unbeatable for the practice of this sport. It is without a doubt, the best place for training and rest”. The Basque runner praises the facilities and the service he receives at the Anfi del Mar hotels and points out that “we are always delighted to come to Anfi because we feel better than at home. At Anfi we have found a unique setting to prepare for face-to-face races to the season and make it compatible with rest “.

Regarding safety on the asphalt this summer, the Bahrain McLaren leader reiterated the need to educate drivers to respect cyclists as much as possible. “We cannot forget that runners, professionals or not, are always the weakest on the road and we are the most affected. It is essential that vehicles become aware of and maintain safety standards to avoid more deaths and make Spanish roads places safer where to practice a sport we love “.


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