October 30, 2020

Mikaela Shiffrin wins the descent in Bansko

Mikaela Shiffrin won her 65th victory in the World Cup today. The American ski star ran in Bansko for the first time and dominated the Bansko Downhill with a reliable ski, getting his second victory in Downhill after Lake Louise in 2017.

Shiffrin beat Italian Federica Brignone for 0.18 seconds, and Swiss Joana Haehlen was third for 0.23 seconds.

“I felt much more confident with my skiing today. After yesterday’s training, it was my first downhill with my downhill skis from Lake Louise, so I was just trying to ski on the hill. Today I felt better with my line, better with my attitude on skis and also better with my technique. So all those things ended up helping me make a good career. Surely it is a technical clue. It’s really challenging, and I wasn’t sure – as confident – I was maybe a little scared even, ”Shiffrin admitted. “So it was very exciting to reach the goal and see that it was the fastest.”

Federica Brignone took the podium for the sixth time this season, while Joana Haehlen got the first result in the top three of her career. The Swiss skier had no previous results in the top 15 this season, but got the fastest time on the only training track.

The 32-door descent on the Marc Girardelli track in Bansko, Bulgaria, is one of the most technical downhill slopes so far, and adapts to the most technical skiers.


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