Miguel Urbán is running for a second term as MEP of Podemos

Miguel Urbán is running for a second term as MEP of Podemos

Podemos MEP Miguel Urbán is running for a second term in the European Parliament. The secretary for Europe of the Consejo de Coordinación de Podemos and leader of Anticapitalistas has registered for the primaries that will elect the candidates of the party headed by Pablo Iglesias, as eldiario.es has confirmed from sources close to the leader. The final list of candidates to enter the candidature of United We Can Change Europe, with IU and Equo, will be announced this Thursday. The final choice of the bases, on November 27.

Urbán will thus be the only one of the current representatives of Podemos in the European Parliament who intends to repeat in the elections of May 2019. His four group members will not be presented to the primaries launched by Podemos, whose deadline for individual registration ends this Tuesday . The preparation of the lists will be later: between November 6 and 11.

The party will communicate on Thursday who are definitely running. Among the names that are handled are those of the leaders Pablo Bustinduy and Idoia Villanueva.

Miguel Urbán has been a member of the MEP since March 2015. He then replaced his fellow militant, Teresa Rodríguez, when he went on to lead the party in the Andalusian Parliament. After Vistalegre 2 he was elected spokesman of the European delegation of Podemos. Both are the main state references of Anticapitalists, the only current of Podemos that is recognized as such and that has seen its presence diminish organic in recent months, with the exception of Andalusia and Brussels.

The MEP is one of the unofficial co-founders of Podemos. He was not part of the leadership team formed by Pablo Iglesias, Íñigo Errejón, Carolina Bescansa, Juan Carlos Monedero and Luis Alegre, but his presence in the gestation of the project was recognized by the Secretary General himself at the end of the campaign for the June elections. 2016. Urbán was one of the promoters of the manifesto Move tab, the structure of Anticapitalistas was fundamental in the birth of the party and participated in the launch of the project in January 2014 at the Teatro del Barrio in Madrid

"I continue with the same ambitions and with the intact idea that in order to transform society we must continue advancing, not only through the institutional way, where we have set an example in each space of what it is to be responsible and loyal to our people, but by being generous / as and feeding a new cycle of mobilization that allows us to put on the table a new 'common sense' that makes it possible to win beyond the electoral, "says Urbán in the motivation of his candidacy.

Build an "anti-fascist" block in Europe

Urbán will fulfill the next month of March four years as MEP. A time in which he has combined his institutional work, with special attention to the issues of Historical Memory and the fight against tax havens, with the promotion of a new European alliance that opposes the block of extreme right that is articulated around of the National Front of Marine Le Pen or of La Liga de Matteo Salvini.

"We must build a block of broad change in Europe because what is coming is worse than what we have seen so far," he pointed out last May. in an interview on eldiario.es.

Here the coincidence with Iglesias is absolute. Podemos has promoted this movement together with France Insumisa and the Portuguese Block of Esquerda. The leader of Podemos and the Frenchman, Jean-Luc Melènchon, have already the first stone of that alliance.

In an act this same Sunday in the framework of the University of Autumn of Podemos, Iglesias shared with representatives of the French and Portuguese parties, in addition to the co-president of Die Linke, Katja Kipping. "A Spaniard, a Portuguese or a Greek wanted to be European because Europe meant prosperity, respect for social rights, the possibility that your children could go to university." That is what made Europe, and not any identity or religion, in a reference for the peoples of the south: the destroyers of the welfare state, the defenders of the banks and the privileges of the financial powers, are those that once again in Europe have opened a door to fascism ", he pointed.

Iglesias already indicates in a book of immediate appearance what is his recipe against the rise of the extreme right in Spain: coalitions "a la Portuguesa" throughout Spain.

In the act of Sunday, the leader of Podemos said: "In 2020 we must govern in Spain to send a message to all European peoples, that Salvini's alternative to neoliberal Europe has a social alternative, respectful of Human Rights and antifascist that we are willing to build from Spain. "

Almost total relief in Brussels

This Tuesday the Podemos primary process officially starts to choose candidates for the May 2019 elections. And only Miguel Urbán is going to run for the European Parliament.

The other four MEPs have finally chosen not to attend the primaries, as has been confirmed by eldiario.es. Among them is Lola Sánchez, the elected representative of Podemos más longeva.

Sanchez was MEP from the start and in May 2019 will close a five-year cycle. In a letter made public this Sunday, Sanchez assures that he also renounces to his organic positions in Murcia and does not save critics to the state direction of the party.

The MEP focused on her stage in Brussels to study and denounce the problems that, in her opinion, will generate the new generation international trade agreements, such as the TTIP or the CETA.

Nor will repeat in the list of the European Tania Gonzalez, who was part of the initial core of Podemos. González intends to focus on Asturian politics.

The Asturian Estefanía Torres and the Basque Xabier Benito, who replaced Pablo Iglesias in the European Parliament just before the general elections of 2015, will not be repeated in 2019 either.


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