Miguel Sebastián demands BBVA for espionage before the National Court | Economy

Miguel Sebastián, head of the Economic Office of the President of the Government and Minister of Industry with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has filed a lawsuit with the National Court for the alleged espionage to which he was subjected by the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo allegedly by order of the former president of the BBVA, Francisco González. The lawsuit, which has been channeled by the office of former socialist minister Francisco Caamaño, is also directed against the current leaders of the financial institution, who have offered no explanation to the people whose privacy was violated by the alleged eavesdropping and follow-up carried out between the years 2004 and 2005 during Sacyr's attempt to control the bank.

The demand of Sebastian denounces the violation of personal and professional privacy, with special emphasis on this aspect, since the tapped phones corresponded to official lines of the Presidency of the Government and could have violated the confidentiality of some information. Sebastián, who requests to appear as a private prosecutor in court number 6 of the Audiencia Nacional headed by Manuel García-Castellón, bases his accusations on the information disseminated by the media about the aforementioned espionage. According to the law firm "the services would have been contracted by BBVA to favor the interests of Francisco González". The information would certify that Sebastián's telephone communications, both private and official, would have been intervened.

Also, it would have been monitored and monitored. "Even, a false story was constructed around his person with the purpose of discrediting him before others and trying to twist his will," say the lawyers in reference to the conversation with the chief economist of Banco Santander and the vice president of the Government at the time, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, among others. In his opinion, they are extremely serious actions that could constitute one of the biggest scandals of "corporate corruption" of democracy.

The lawsuit also puts the finger on the spot before the next general meeting of shareholders of the bank, since, according to the letter, resources from BBVA would have been used to defend private and internal positions to the detriment of the shareholders.

This is the second one that is presented at the National Court after the joint presentation on February 12 by Luis del Rivero, Vicente Benedito and José Domingo Ampuero. The complainants pointed out that "the massive violation of the privacy of the spies was apparently induced by those responsible for the BBVA entity while the executive chairman was Mr. Francisco González Rodríguez." In his opinion, the financial entity hired Villarejo "to obtain certain information for the benefit of Mr. Gonzalez. "


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