Miguel Bosé leaves the interview with Cristina Pardo after I ask him about the coronavirus

Miguel Bosé with Cristina Pardo.

Miguel Bosé with Cristina Pardo.

Miguel Bosé is back in the news because he is presenting his memoirs, Captain Thunder's son. The singer has returned to sit down to speak with the media after the controversies of recent times. It is because of that the interview he had with Cristina Pardo for 'Better Later' was marked by tension.

The presenter asked him about his professional future: "Do you look strong? Because you told Jordi Évole that you had problems with your voice". He sneered: "Jordi who? Who is he?" "Well, the viewers of La Sexta do know him," she said with a laugh.

"So, talk to them, not to me. How do you see my voice now?" Replied the artist. "I think better than in the Évole program," insisted Pardo, who asked him if he planned to give concerts. Bosé did not take his question well: "Do you only believe? How do you hear the voice? Better? Not good? (...) You are deaf. You don't want to twist your arm. They do not give their arm to twist nor thus they kill them, "he released.

After stating that getting into political issues had been a "mistake", Pardo raised the issue in question: "I'm going to finish and I haven't asked you about the coronavirus." "Since I have you here ...", the journalist tried, who was met with his sharp answer: "I don't talk about that in the book." It was then that he warned that the time for the interview was over, got up and left: "What a shame ... Until next time"he said as he left.


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