Miguel Barrero, new president of the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain | Culture

Miguel Barrero, new president of the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain | Culture

Miguel Barrero Maján has been unanimously elected new president of the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain (FGEE) to replace Daniel Fernández, who has fulfilled his mandate. Barrero is the General Director of R + D + i of the Santillana Group and Director of Education of the Santillana Foundation. The new president begins his mandate with several objectives aimed at ensuring that the Spanish publishing sector remains as the main Spanish cultural industry and one of the most important in the world, according to the organization itself in the press release announcing the appointment .

"The axes to which we will direct our work will be structured in four areas: first and within the social sphere, the promotion of books and reading, the communication of the role of the editor, the fight against piracy and the defense of creation intellectual; second, the improvement of the internationalization of the sector to grow in other markets as well as reinforce our presence in the European institutions; third, to collaborate with all the agents of the book value chain and the defense of a fabric of bookstores and a distribution map that guarantees access to reading; and, finally, in the institutional sphere, make the points that structure the Book and Reading Promotion Plan approved in 2017 (starting with the purchase of copies for Libraries), Barreo assured.

The new rector of the FGEE wants to maintain "in times of change and uncertainty" a "constant collaboration" with institutions and organizations that are part of the world of books and commit to maintain an attitude of constant collaboration "with the specific situations of the different types of edition, as well as the circumstances of the different territorial Associations that make up the Federation ".

From January of 2018 Barrero was president of the Association of Publishers of Madrid and Treasurer of the FGEE. Throughout his professional career he has represented his publishing house as vice president of the National Association of Book Publishers and Teaching Materials (ANELE) and the Board of Directors of CEDRO, among other sector organizations.

Barrero holds a degree in Educational Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in New Technologies of Information and Communication from the UNED. He began his professional career in teaching and subsequently joined the Grupo Santillana, where he has practically developed his entire career. In this Group he has performed various functions, including the General Directorate of the Children's Book and Para-school, the General Directorate of Education of Santillana Spain; He was responsible for the whole activity of Santillana Spain (educational book, general construction book, distance learning and languages ​​as a second language), to later be appointed Global Director General of the Division of Education. Before joining the General Directorate of R + D + i, where he obtained an international overview of the state of educational technology, he was the General Director of Santillana Digital.

In addition, the FGEE has renewed its board of directors for the next three years.


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