Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Miguel Ángel Silvestre provides evidence on the innocence of Pablo Ibar

The Anthill
received a very exciting visit last Tuesday with Michelangelo Silvestre as a guest of the program Pablo Motos. The actor is the protagonist of In death row, a mini series that tells the life of Pablo Ibar, the Spanish condemned to life imprisonment. The interpreter showed on the show tests to defend the innocence of the inmate.

Although the interviews in the Antena 3 space are loaded with good humor, la of the Valencian actor was full of feelings thanks to the last paper in which it has had to put. Silvestre came to present the new series produced by Movistar + and will be released next Friday.

'El Hormiguero': Miguel Ángel Silvestre believes in the innocence of Ibar after studying his case

Pablo Ibar was convicted first on pain of death, although a few months ago his sentence would be reduced to life imprisonment, for a triple murder that occurred in 1994 in the state of Florida. The Basque has always defended his innocence and, although the various trials held have always been dotted with controversy, So far he has not been able to prove his innocence.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre explained during his interview that he had studied the case thoroughly and with the help of a journalist has come to the conclusion that he is innocent. To support your thesis, He showed a photograph in which he compared the photo of the alleged murderer with that of the Spaniard. In it, it is observed that his ears are completely different.

'El Hormiguero': Miguel Ángel Silvestre agreed to play Pablo Ibar for a photograph

After "seeing all the contradictions that have been in the trials and manipulation tests", and having "read everything published and seen all the videos", the guest of The Anthill
affirms that he believes "firmly in the innocence of Pablo Ibar". Meanwhile, Motos listened carefully to his guest's story.

After his work, the actor says he does not believe "in the death penalty" and questions the judicial process. He expects justice to be done and recalled that "A juror who convicted him guilty said he had suffered pressure" to convict the prisoner Spanish who lived in death row until only a few months ago.

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