Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Miguel Angel Revilla is excited to remember his brother

One more night, ‘My house is yours’ It has landed on our screens. This time, Michelangelo Revilla has received Bertin Osborn

in Cantabria. The leader of the Cantabria Regionalist Party has been very sincere and has remembered anecdotes and significant moments of his life.

The president of Cantabria and Bertín Obsorne They have embarked on a 200-kilometer journey through the region. Miguel AngeHe has taught the presenter the places of his land that have a special meaning for him and have had a typical breakfast in Polaciones, his hometown.

When you start the program, Revilla He recalled that the first time he left his town was because Franco was visiting Cantabria and his father took him to see him: “My impact on arriving in Santander was not seeing Franco, it was eating the first banana of my life”, he has confessed laughing. During his childhood he did not lack affection, but he was very hungry.

One of the most emotional moments of the night has been when Miguel Angel He was excited to remember the death of his brother Jaime who died from a traffic accident when he was 30 years old: “I would have changed everything, everything, everything. President, everything I could get even for Cantabria because my brother was still alive ”, has assured Miguel Angel visibly excited.

Miguel Ángel Revilla has revealed to the presenter some of his political thoughts

Miguel Ángel Revilla has revealed to the presenter some of his political thoughts

Between laughs and anecdotes, Revilla and Osborne They have taken advantage of fishing in the Cantabrian Sea, in Cabo de Ajo. After fishing, Mª Ángeles and Luis, two neighbors of the place, have invited them to their house so they can cook their catch. After the meal, based on fried sargo and tomatoes freshly picked from the garden, Michelangelo RevillHe has talked about the possibility of elections again.

“Right now, it is not known. In politics things happen that do not happen in another system of life. There is an 80% chance that there will be general elections again. The key is something that is unpredictable: ‘How many are going to vote?’ ” has wondered Revilla. On the other hand, Miguel Angel He has spoken without mincing words in the language of the political situation in Spain and has ensured that politicians admit any failure but never "to put his hand".

The charismatic president has revealed to the presenter some of his political thoughts: “I'm going to give you an exclusive. The exclusive is that there is a lot of ignorance. In Spain you do not choose President ”, has insured. “The perfect democracy would be for all Spaniards on a certain day to see eight photos and go to one, to put the ballot to an uncle. Here, no presidents are voted, deputies are voted ”, has added.

Finally, Revilla He confessed that with 10 years less, he would present himself as a candidate for the presidency of Spain: "Seeing the panorama in Spain and having 10 years less than I have, I was going to introduce myself to President", has sentenced.

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