October 29, 2020

Miguel Ángel Daswani: “Returning to the screen with a program like Off-Plan is a luxury” – La Provincia

Miguel Ángel Daswani premiered on the small screen, presenting the news from Televisión Española in 1999. From 2005 to 2015, he entered our homes through the television news ofCanary Television. Five thousand news reports later, and after five years away from the cameras, he re-enters our homes every Thursday, at 10:15 p.m., as driver ofFuera de Plano, the debate program that Mediareport produces for the public network.

You are a person more at night than during the day, right?

If you say so because of the program schedule, it can give that feeling. But don’t be fooled: I get up every day at 6.30. What never! Things of the age. And of the responsibilities. I have discovered the charm of getting up early

Were you planning to get back in front of a camera?

Well, the truth is that on some occasion I had thought about it, but for ‘h’ or ‘b’ I always ended up rejecting the idea. The proposal of Fuera de Plano, has come when I least expected it and I am very happy to have accepted it, because I have found a first-rate team and a very serious and rigorous program. After 16 years in news, returning to the screen with such a space is a real luxury. It was the Sole Administrator of the chain, Francisco Moreno, who encouraged me to accept. And I thank him and the managers of Mediareport for their trust in me.

With this Thursday there will be eight programs in a row talking about the Coronavirus € Not too many? What else can you tell?

Very much! Do you already know, for example, what we can do in phase 2. Or how could those who looked after our health have been on guard these two months? Well don’t miss today’s program! (Laughter) Off-Plan is an analysis program, very close to today. And the news of the entire planet passes right now to report on this pandemic that, without a doubt, will mark a before and after.

The audience is responding well to him, even though he competes with Survivors. Can a program survive that competition?

We do not compete because we are very different formats. Entertainment is one thing and public service another. And the viewer is free to choose what he wants to see. For me, the key to the success of Out of Plane lies in the fact that the program management has been able to find a different approach each week to talk about Covid19. I take off my hat with them. Fátima Martín del Toro (the director) is a journalist of race, whom I have known for a long time and whom I admire for her rigor. The deputy director, Roberto Almau, is another crack; He comes from the Basque Autonomous Television (ETB) and has been a presenter, so he is able to put himself in my place, when he speaks to me by the pinganillo. Wendy Fuentes, my partner on the set, is being another discovery. I had seen it in different formats, but this embroiders it. He tells us very interesting aspects of the virus in tremendously educational reports. Wendy has an innate talent for television. As also Jesús Sánchez Martos, the professor of Public Health, whom we call one day for his good work in this crisis and gives us so much, that he has become a permanent socialist.

Any other projects in the bedroom?

There is something! But we already know that projects are just projects until they take shape. Summer will be a good time to think and to tell those news if they take shape. Right now I have the 5 senses set to Out of Plane and to put my grain of sand so thatCanary Televisionit becomes a chain that we are all proud of. This responsibility has been entrusted to a man who knows the medium perfectly and who has the respect of the entire union, for his extensive television career. The rest of us must row in the same direction.


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