Migrants wait at a border crossing for the opportunity to enter Mexico

Migrants wait at a border crossing for the opportunity to enter Mexico

Hundreds of Honduran migrants wait at the international bridge Rodolfo Robles to cross the border from Guatemala to Mexico, as they did on Friday thousands more Central Americans who already travel in a caravan to Mexican territory towards the United States.

In addition to the natural fatigue of ten days of walking, children and women begin to present symptoms of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

Some others have fever as it happens to Yoselic Audeli Hernández, a one-year-old baby, who travels in the caravan with his mother, the Honduran Orfa Audeli Hernández Espinosa, and his brothers Heidi Noemí, 11, Wilson, 8 years, Jesus Ariel of 3 years, José of one year.

"You sacrifice your children for the need, because we are poor, we have no alternative but to sacrifice them so that they have a better life than ours," exclaims this woman "under a strong sun while she waits with her baby in her arms.

Heidi Noemí says she dreams of being a teacher but not in Honduras, where she was born, but possibly in Mexico if they could no longer continue their journey to the United States.

United States is the destination of the caravan of migrants who entered Mexico on Friday and that after days of walking has arrived today at the municipality of Huixtla, distant about 78 kilometers from the border of Ciudad Hidalgo.

On the international bridge, there are hundreds of migrants who are waiting to fulfill the procedures requested by Mexico to be considered as refugees and thus to enter Mexico legally.

The ambassador of Mexico in Guatemala, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, told EFE, that today 225 people have been taken care of, in priority way women and children, that added to the 1,028 received in the last three days, they rise to 1,253 the migrants who They have asked for this condition, said the diplomat.

"The first step to enter the international bridge in an orderly manner by the National Institute of Migration, then a brief survey of the motive for migration is taken and once the list is taken they are boarded on a bus that takes them to the migratory station" he related.

Migrants receive a legal stay visa and within a maximum period of ten days they have to extend their receipt process and in 45 days they will be given permission to reside legally in the country.

The migrants who are stranded in this area between the two countries with the hope of crossing receive medical attention, food and water, according to Mexican sources.

In the shelter of the town, 7,125 members of the caravan of Honduran migrants who left San Pedro Sula on October 13 and who arrived last Friday at the Mexican border, have been registered.

The director of attention to migrants and refugees from Mexico in this town, Sergio Seis Cabrera, admitted that the wave of migrants who arrived in recent days "exceeded the limits of attention" however, he said, they were all supported.

"We registered 7,125 people," said Seis Cabrera, who estimated that among them there were 1,500 women, 1,500 girls and 900 boys, as well as some 2,000 members of LGBTI communities.

After the first wave of migrants, the municipality of Suchiate is currently "calm" although it remains in "preventive alert" to the warning of the possible arrival of another 2,000 Hondurans who left this weekend from their country to the Mexican border. -Guatemala.

"We are prepared to attend to this possible contingency," said the official.

About the migrants who are on the border bridge with Guatemala, he commented that their only option "since they do not have food and they are not supplying them", is to comply with their legal process, so they must be taken to the shelter of the National Institute of Migration in Tapachula.


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