July 29, 2021

Migrants turn to the Virgin of Guadalupe hopes to reach the US

Migrants turn to the Virgin of Guadalupe hopes to reach the US

With the intention of making their requests before the "virgin morena" or clinging to the promises they made in their countries of origin, a thousand migrants belonging to the second caravan went to the Basilica of Guadalupe today, where they hope to get help to reach the border with the United States.

"I want to ask (the Virgin of Guadalupe) to do the miracle of arriving in the United States," says Iris Amaya Rios, who left her native Honduras with the intention of finding a job in the United States and thus help To his family.

The river of migrants, made up of some 800 people, according to the organization People without Borders, left the sports center in the east of Mexico City, which has served as a resting point for all those who began arriving yesterday at the city.

With the help of the city authorities, who placed empty Metro trains at their disposal, the migrants moved north to attend the Mass celebrated at the Basilica of Guadalupe.

"We are many who do believe in the Virgin and the little father, too, we are going to ask him to do the miracle for us," reiterates Iris.

For Eva Rosario Carrillo, arriving in the USA it is his "desire", but he considers that, finally, his destiny is in the hands of God.

"It's our dream, to cross over to the US If it's God's will, that's fine, if it's not God's will, what can be done," says this migrant, who is accompanied by her two children.

This group of migrants is part of the second caravan of Central Americans, who entered Mexico on October 29, ten days after the first, from Guatemala.

Since they began their journey, the US president, Donald Trump, has tightened his immigration policy and has even signed a presidential order that limits the options of asylum seekers on the border with Mexico and prevents this protection from being granted to those who they access their country irregularly.

However, this has not stopped the Central Americans, who blindly trust that God "touch the heart" of the president and let them pass.

The Honduran Javier Ortiz defends that "the best thing is to be entrusted to God", so that he can take care of them. He says that, along the way, he has attended some Masses together with his companions, and heads to the sanctuary of Guadalupe with the conviction that "it must be beautiful".

Javier has left his promises in the Basilica of Esquipulas, in Guatemala, before the "Black Christ".

Before leaving Honduras, María Isabel Velasco also made a promise, although she says, with a smile, that she can not reveal it. "If it happens (to arrive in the United States) I will comply with it, and if I stay, I'll still fulfill it, because what is promised is fulfilled," he declares.

Unlike many women who left their country with their children or other members of their family, María Isabel travels alone: ​​"I told several of them, but they said no."

Those people to whom he proposed to accompany her "were afraid", but she says that she does not feel any fear because she has "a strong trust in God".

In addition, he relates that this massive exodus, which approximately adds about 9,000 migrants, who travel through Mexico in different contingents, is an opportunity that "could not waste."

"I think it's even better to travel with 'coyote' (name by which people are known), because there is help and there is everything," says María Isabel.

After the almost one thousand migrants left the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, the place, where 1,200 participants of the caravan rest for the moment, is left with little movement.

Among those who have stayed is Manuel González, who leaves one of the booths in which information is provided on how to apply for asylum in the United States.

Although he has not gone to the Basilica, he argues, "everyone gives us encouragement, gives us strength and prays for us."

"We have all the strength in the world to continue forward," he says.


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