July 29, 2021

Migrant Caravan is already a crowd in Mexico City, where solidarity emerges

Migrant Caravan is already a crowd in Mexico City, where solidarity emerges

The members of the caravan of Central American migrants that crosses Mexico towards the United States continue arriving at the capital, where they already form a multitudinous group of thousands of people that has been received by a wave of solidarity.

At the Magdalena Mixhuca sports complex, in the east of Mexico City, the authorities continue to install new tents to house the caravan's members, most of them Hondurans.

These tents are located inside and outside of an outdoor soccer field, whose stands have also been used by some migrants to rest.

In addition, the number of tents has increased and some people have created small makeshift shelters using plastic and quilts.

According to Pueblo sin Fronteras, an organization that accompanies this massive migratory movement, some 5,000 people arrived from the states of Puebla and Veracruz yesterday.

Tristan Call, a member of the organization, told the media that the members of the caravan still do not know how long they will stay in the city or what their route will be to continue to the United States. "We are waiting to hear the word of the assembly of the people here," he said.

It is not known exactly how many migrants there are at the moment. The head of the Government of Mexico City, José Ramón Amieva, reported that some 4,500 people spent the night in the sports complex, but the head of the Iztacalco demarcation, Armando Quintero, said that 7,000 people have arrived and that the facilities are "at limit of its capacity ".

Numerous civil organizations that offer different services to migrants have been installed in the place, such as information on refugee applications, free calls to relatives, games for children and medical attention.

To this is added the work of all volunteers who have signed up to perform some task of help. For the moment, the Human Rights Commission of the capital has registered more than 700.

In addition, at the doors of the complex many vehicles arrive with individuals or members of organizations that want to take donations to migrants, such as fruits, diapers, clothes or hygiene products.

The dining tent offers three daily meals, two hours each. The breakfasts are distributed with the help of the 16 city halls of the city, which are taking turns, while the capital city government is responsible for distributing meals and dinners.

In addition, different religious congregations, the Archdiocese and the Catholic organization Caritas have installed another tent in which they distribute food, in addition to medicines and clothing.

Instead of sandwiches or cakes, "above all we are trying to make hot food, so that people can stay more fed," Sister Magdalena, sister of the Josefinas Sisters, told Efe, adding that "the support is being very generous."

Today they distribute rice, beans, boiled egg and a piece of bread. The provisions, like the rest of the supplies that have been brought to the sports center, have been collected through donations in the parishes and churches.

As expected the caravan will stay a couple of days in the capital, Sister Magdalena launches a "call for solidarity."

"They are not criminals, as they want to stigmatize, they are not like that, they are human beings just like everyone else, with their defects, their difficult situations, but they are not bad people," says the nun.

Those arriving in the capital are part of the first migrant caravan, which left northern Honduras last October.

In addition, a second caravan consisting of some 1,500 people, mainly young men, is currently in San Pedro Tapanatepec, Oaxaca state, and another third group, less numerous, still remains in the state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala.

Hundreds more await the outcome of their asylum applications to the Mexican immigration authorities.


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