Microsoft stops the largest DDoS attack in history

microsoft reported in October the mitigation of the largest denial of service (DDoS) attack detected on its Azure platform, after which others have followed, including what they believe to be the largest in history, of 3.47 terabytes per second (Tbps).

The technology company detected a DDoS attack directed against a client of Azure located in Asia last November, with a throughput of 3.47 Tbps and a rate of 340 million packets per second.

This distributed attack originated from 10,000 sources and countries around the world, including United States, China, South Korea, Russia, Thailand and India, as detailed in an entry on his official blog. The attack lasted in total about 15 minutes.

It is, in the company's opinion, the "largest attack ever reported in history", surpassing the previous one, also detected in Azure in October 2021, which reached traffic peaks of 2.4Tbps.

In December, Microsoft also detected and mitigated two other attacks that exceeded 2.5 Tbps: one with four main peaks, the highest being 3.25 Tbps, which lasted more than 15 minutes; and another of a single peak of 2.55 Tbps, lasting just over five minutes.

The company highlights in its publication that most of the attacks detected in the second half of 2021 were of short duration. Specifically, the reduction in attacks lasting 30 minutes or less stands out, from 74 percent in the first half to 57 percent. However, the attacks that lasted more than one hour doubled from one semester (13%) to another (27%).

In total, in the second half of 2021 the company mitigated 359,713 unique attacks against its global infrastructure, at an average of 1,955 attacks per day, 40 percent more than in the previous semester. August 10 was the day that registered the most attacks (4,296).

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