Microsoft puts closing date on its Windows 7 – The Province

TheWindows 7 operating systemhas begun its last year of extended support on Tuesday, which will end on January 14, 2020, despite the fact that according to the main analysis sites, its extension still exceeds30 percent of devices worldwide.

Within a year,Windows 7 will stop receiving security updatesby Microsoft, although the Redmond company has already explained that it will allow extending this support for three more years to companies, until 2023, although through a service that will require additional payments.

Windows 7 finalized its standard support in 2015,moment in which it stopped incorporating new functions. Since then, Microsoft has continued to update this system through security patches in the face of errors and vulnerabilities.

On January 14, 2020, security updates for Windows 7 will end, so the teams that use them will be exposed to cyber attacks that make use of the new vulnerabilities discovered after this date.

During December 2018, the last month for which data is available, Windows 7 was exceeded for the first time by thelatest version of the Microsoft desktop operating system, Windows 10,according to the Netmarketshare analysis website.

With 39.22 percent of users, Windows 10 has been ahead of the Windows 7 version, but this is still present in 36.9 percent of the world's computers, in a study based on data from use.

According to the data from the StatCounter website, in December 2018 Windows 7 was still installed on 35.63 percent of the Windows computers in the world, although far exceeded byWindows 10, with 52.36 percent PC.

These data improve slightly in regard to the fleet of devices in Spain, according to StatCounter, although more than one in four Windows computers in Spain (27.47 percent) still use Windows 7, compared to 60.59 hundred that has Windows 10 installed.


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