March 8, 2021

Microsoft devises a solution for social networks and search engines to compensate the media

The tech giant Microsoft is developing a solution for search engines Y social media pay the media for the use of their content, inspired by the new regulations approved in Australia, as reported by the company this Monday in a statement.

For the development of this tool, Microsoft has partnered with the main media business associations in Europe: European Magazine Media Association (EMMA), European Newspaper’s Publishers Association (ENPA), European Publishers Council (EPC) and News Media Europe.

The solution to be developed, according to Microsoft, will order the payments for the use of media content by gatekeepers and will include provisions for arbitration processes, so that “fair settlements” are negotiated.

The provisions will be inspired by the Australian legislative model, which allows the creation of an arbitration panel that determines on its own a fair price based on the valuation of the benefits for each party of having the contents included in the ‘gatekeepers’ platforms, as well as the cost of production and any other costs.

“Although press editors are guaranteed the related right in the EU, negotiations with gatekeepers will not produce fair results unless further regulatory measures are taken to stop the dominant power in the market that they have“, Microsoft stressed.

The technology company and the newspaper associations have urged the European authorities to implement an arbitration mechanism, since, if not, press editors may not have the ability to negotiate payment for their rights due to lack of “financial strength”.

“We appreciate Microsoft’s recognition of the value that our content brings to the core business of search engines and social networks, because it is where Google and Facebook generate the vast majority of their revenue,” said the president of EPC., Christian Van Thillo.

On his side, the president of News Media Europe, Fernando de Yarza, He added that the experiences in France and Australia show that “there is a real need for a binding instrument to tackle the inherent imbalances in the bargaining power” of these companies.

During the approval process of the new Australian regulation that regulates the payment to the media for their content, Google even threatened to completely close its search engine in the country, while Facebook has blocked the publication of content from the media.


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