Microsoft block attempts to ‘reply to all’ on mass mailing lists – La Provincia

The new feature ofMicrosoft Office 365It will block the option of ‘reply to all’ in emails that have a large number of recipients to avoid saturation in the conversation threads of companies.

Microsoft explains in a post that the new feature, when it detects the ability to ‘reply to all’ on a distribution list with a large number of contacts, “will block subsequent attempts to‘Answer everyone’in the thread. “

Protection will be active for several hours. In that time, it will act if it detects that ‘reply to all’ has been used ten times in an email with5,000 contactsin a period of 60 minutes. From there, and for the next four hours, you will block subsequent massive response attempts. And it will notify the user of this.

These features have begun to be distributed in Office 365 toglobal level.


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