Microsoft and Google join the technological veto against Russia

Microsoft and Google join the technological veto against Russia

The list of large companies that decide to stop the sale of their products and services in Russia as a gesture of protest against his military invasion of Ukraine It does not stop growing. This Friday has been the tech giants microsoft and Google those who have announced that they will follow that path.

In a statement published this Friday, the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, has confirmed that “suspend all new sales of products and services in Russia”, although he has clarified that the contracts already signed with Moscow will not be canceled by that decision. Belarusan ally of the Kremlin in its war operation against Ukraine, would not be affected by this blockade for the time being.

Although the company has not given more details, its decision could have a strong impact on all people and companies who use services owned by them such as WindowsOffice, the game console Xbox o Azure, its cloud computing services, key to supporting the digital architecture of many of them.

Google pauses ads

Google has also announced this Friday that "in light of the extraordinary circumstances" that exist in Eastern Europe will “pause” ad sales in Russia. Owned by Alphabet, Google had been accused by the Kremlin of allowing war ads to run. Advertising accounts for more than 85% of the company's income, which in previous days had already withdrawn the monetization of videos from Russian media such as RT in Youtube.

Microsoft and Google thus follow in the footsteps of other large companies in the technology sector such as Apple, which paused the sale of its devices on March 1. Your decision has been made “in coordination” with sanctions imposed by governments from United Statesthe European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has assisted the Ukrainian government in detecting and responding to cyberattacks launched by the Kremlin. "Since the beginning of the war, we have acted against Russian positioning, destructive or disruptive measures against more than 20 Ukrainian government, telecommunications and financial sector organizations," the statement said. “We have publicly raised our concern for the fact that these attacks against civilians violate the Geneva Convention”.

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